My own worst enemy

rose thorn wound 4-6-14I have an owie.  I was pruning back the deadwood on the rose bush and it just attacked me.  I might have been a bit lippy with it, but I don’t believe I deserved what I got.  And, this looks better than it did an hour ago.  It was about 4X that size and dark purple.  I waited to see if my hand fell off and when it didn’t, I washed out the tiny puncture wound and tried to make it bleed a bit more to clean it out, then slammed a pack of peas on it from the freezer.  It really hurts.  I might be out for revenge if that stupid old rose bush doesn’t watch it.

We have had official Pissyfairy spring weather.  Mother Nature is having a tough labor this spring.  The skies have been amazing and the weather has been “an event”.  The local weatherdoofs are thrilled.  I have been dealing with it on a more basic level.  These two

Furbabiez 3-31-14The unsettled weather and the barometric pressure drops have made these two a bit anxious.  To cope with their worries, I added Rescue Remedy to their drinking water.  It helps, but they were extremely happy when this last batch of storms was long gone.  We ended up with 7″ of rain.  The back yard was completely under water for an entire day.  The bud, Grover, was not amused.

It’s been nice visiting, but I gotta scoot.  My new favoritist artist kind of musician, Joe Bonamassa with “Black Lung Heartache”.

Have a good one!!!!

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We are experiencing a yellow ball in the sky and days when coats aren’t necessary.  To be honest, I’m so used to the cold that I go out without a coat when it’s 40.  When the temperatures got up to the upper 60′s a week or so ago, I almost died from the heat.  Hopefully, there will be time to adjust to the warmer temps as we go.  I’m just hoping it doesn’t go straight to the 90′s.  sigh.

So, how ya been?  I’m doing just fine thanks.  I have a rash.  I got some sort of poison something or other working in the yard two weeks ago (the oils remain on the surrounding vegetation long after the poison whatever dies) and now, my body is really mad and I have hives anywhere fabric touches my skin.  So, I had to change my detergent, but there are still clothes that were washed in the old detergent and I have no idea which ones.  So, I’m itching.  I’m pretty sure it isn’t fatal.  It might be just some form of “Goofball disease” which I suffer from with some regularity.

IMG_0563Ms. Stinky is quite content in her sunbeam.  She will walk around complaining bitterly when the sun moves away.  I have explained the earth’s rotation to her, but I’m afraid it’s a bit hard for her to retain that information since the sun shines so seldom.  I think she just likes to complain.

Have a wonderful Sunday!  My soundtrack for today is a terrific version of “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb and Ron Carter.  It’s acoustic and a bit long, but pure and wonderful.  Enjoy

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Sometimes I have great focu…..oh, look, a shiny object!!!

This is so Marilyn’s fault.  OK, maybe not totally, but ignorance was bliss for me until I read her recent post about Peace Fleece offering laceweight and cashmere laceweight.  Granted, the color choices are basic, but as she so eloquently stated, it is such a wonderful cause, and the yarn is pretty wonderful, and I’ve been wanting to order from them for ever.  So, I caved.  It’s not like I needed the yarn, but I have never knit cashmere for myself and want to.  It is in an off white and I adore whites of any shade.  It’s all about the purity and beauty of the color white.  My particular passion is blues and whites.  I don’t care the shades or variations.  Just the combinations.

Also, I am completely done with the 2013 Christmas knitting.  Here are Peanut’s mitts.

IMG_0771A very crappy picture, but the mitts are so nice (Peanut spun the yarn herself) and I embroidered a lilac that is extremely hard to see in the crappy picture.  The softness of that gorgeous purple yarn is hard to believe, but she is an awesome spinner.

And, here is Groverthewonderpup.  He is very tired.  I think he’s tired because it’s windy and cold and it’s easier to be tired than deal with the weather.

IMG_0773That stuffed bone is his most favorite toy in the world.  Our Mum gave it to him and he is always very careful as he throws it in the air and retrieves it.  On occasion, I am allowed to pick it up and throw it in the air.  He is NOT a retriever.  He has a special play with the stuffed bone and you must follow the rules, or you’re out.

I know.  I’m dull.  I hope soon to share a bit of the family health saga with you, but will refrain for now.  I prefer a completion story and this one is evolving, but so far, it is a fabulous, life-affirming, wonderful and difficult story and I need approval to share it, so, until that happens, I’m gonna keep quiet.  You have no idea how hard that is for me.

So, here is my soundtrack for the day.  Mott the Hoople with “All the Way to Memphis”

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG. It maybe might be spring.

This is my Stinky this morning in the sun.

IMG_0770We haven’t seen her in this place for months (due to the bitter cold, snow and gray skies).  She has spent the winter hiding in closets and snuggling on a tacky velour blanket I keep for her.  She has made use of the pup’s squeezy toy as a pillow.  If it were hers, she would avoid it like the plague.  It hasn’t gotten warm, yet, because she keeps moving closer to the door.

We are going to be in the 50′s today.  I’m beyond thrilled.  Tomorrow (back to work day) will be 70.  I don’t care.  I’m just happy the ground is not white, slick and cold.  My needs have gotten quite simple this year.  I hope you all can enjoy above freezing temps soon (Cookie do NOT giggle), too.

Haven’t been knitting much.  I baked a fabulous Bourbon Buttermilk cake for my brother’s birthday and it was worth it, but it took forever!  The baking and the cleaning and the working have eaten up a bit of time, plus I haven’t had the love for the knitting this past week.  That cannot continue, so maybe this evening I can sit and knit for a bit.  I’m hoping to knit outside tomorrow after work.  We’ll see how that plays out.

And, I am trying not to be whiny, but I abhor the spring forward of the clocks.  In the morning, we were almost at daybreak and now, we are back to pitch darkness.  There is an upside.  After I acclimate myself to it (again), I will enjoy the longer days of light.  It’s a just a bear getting used to it.

I will leave you with my soundtrack.  The Lumineers with “Stubborn Love”.  This is my absolute favorite video.  This wee girl is beautiful.

Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

*The advantage to not posting every day is that I do not need to purchase my punctuation marks nearly as often.

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Is this someone’s idea of a joke????????????

IMG_0769Doesn’t look like much, does it?  Well, there’s a really nice layer of ice beneath the 1/2″ of sleet.  Plus, we’re supposed to get snow this afternoon and evening.  I have seen exactly one vehicle besides the city trucks out this morning.  I walked out to feed the birds and was really grateful for the sleet.  It helped keep Grover and me upright.  I removed the sleet on the step going into the house from the deck and had to put down chemicals to melt the ice.  Plus, the temperature keeps dropping.  The Pissyfairy is doing her damnedest to keep winter going this year.  Bitch.

So, I’m puttering around the house, listening to music and cleaning and doing laundry and trying to keep Stinky from annoying Grover to the point of distraction.  She’s bored and cold.  I’m particularly grateful we have power.  Thankfully, not very many have lost power with this storm.

So, with the puttering and cleaning, I haven’t done much knitting.  I had to rip out 4″ of MK’s sweater back due to this:

02-02-14 MK sweaterRowan Cashsoft isn’t very forgiving for dropping back on that one stitch for 4″, so rip it I did.  I’m currently working on getting that 4″ back, but what with all the busyness of life, it’s taking me a bit.

So, since I’m dull as dirt, I will leave you with my soundtrack for today.  Question Mark and the Mysterions with “Too Many Teardrops”

I wonder why we can’t hear him clapping his hands on this recording?  Have a good one!!!!

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I tried it and I like it

I made the extremely trendy, expensive and long baking “Life Changing Bread” recipe that’s been circulating all over the web. Here it is in all its completed glory.

IMG_0768It is filling and I tried it with apple butter that was a present from one of my book club friends.  Truly yummy.  I will find a way to work this into my daily menu.  It is simply lovely.  Easy to make and has pretty much everything and anything in it that you can imagine.  I want to try it with peanut butter and cream cheese, too (just not at the same time).  I used ghee and will try it with the coconut oil when the ghee is gone.  I think it might weigh about 40 pounds, but I’m not certain.  I have a problem digesting wheat, so this will be a nice alternative to regular bread.

I also managed to finish (during the Olympics for what that’s worth) my BSIL’s socks from last Christmas.  I have a picture in the sun (and, it was warm, too!!!!!):

IMG_0767Yes, those are my feet with a fresh homemade pedicure.  It’s February and my feet were feeling neglected.   The socks are actually a sort of teal with sparkles.   It’s Dreams in Color Smooshy and the pattern is Socks of Hideousness.   They aren’t hideous and are a mindless easy knit.  I want to make myself a pair, but must finish a couple of other projects before even thinking about it.

We have gone from sandal weather back to winter in 24 hours.  It’s coldish today, but no snow or ice so I am not complaining.   We have less than 6 weeks of winter and I’m going to be just fine.  I found my fledgling snowdrops yesterday and am thrilled.  Mother Nature may have been a pissyfairy the past few months, but the old lady is gonna come through with spring after all.

Here’s my soundtrack for today.  Since I’ve posted about bread, here is Hugo (a personal favorite of mine) with “Bread and Butter”:

Have a good one!!!

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Why did I come into the living room?

I just realized I’ve been away for 3 weeks. I’m not real certain how something like that happens, but to be fair, I’m easily confused anyway. We, like most of the nation, have been having winter. Named winter storms, even. I wonder if “they” think by naming the storms we’ll feel less hateful toward them. I don’t know about you, but it’s not working on my end.
I would show you pictures, but how many adorable GrovertheWonderpup shots in the snow do we need? I think he’s a bit tired of me, but he is doing his best to hide it.

I’m close to finishing my Christmas knitting (last Christmas) and will have a photo shoot when they are completed.  I would show you my fabulous hand knit (and, I think handspun) presents from our Cookie that were sent early for my birthday earlier in the month, but it’s either been too dark, too cold or just plain ugly to go outside and get decent (ha!) shots of them.  I will do that, as well, when the weather cooperates.  Those presents have gotten a workout since I received them.

One thing I’ve noticed while reading one of the most consistent bloggers this winter, is that our Margene  has not mentioned the lightening of the days yet this year.  I work until 5:30pm and it has not been absolutely dark when I leave the office.   The sunset comes about that time and I have seen one or two beautiful ones.  Of course, this being Middle Earth and it being February, that means one day a week.  Each day it lightens earlier in the morning and stays light a bit later in the day.  As for my snowdrops and crocii?  We still have a snowpack, so I haven’t seen a whit of spring here.  Maybe next week.  We are to get up to 50.  I’m so excited!!!!

So, ya’ll have a wonderful weekend.  Please keep Tucker in your prayers.  He’s a furbaby that I happen to adore and his Mom and Dad are very worried about him, as am I.  He is very sick.

My soundtrack for today?  Elvis Costello and Alan Hull’s “Winter Song”.

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I have been maintaining radio silence for security reasons.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Actually, life kinda got away from me.  Family health problems and too much work, but mostly it’s winter.  Not that winter is bad because it most certainly is not.  It’s just that it’s a real winter this year.  We haven’t had one for many years, so I was not prepared for it.  Bitter cold temps and snow out the wazoo.  I also have blessings out the wazoo, so my only complaints are:

1.  Grover and I can’t walk every single day.   He is almost 9 and his back legs tend not to work in the bitter cold temps.  At 125 pounds, that becomes a huge worry for me.  I ended up putting a pair of my crew socks on his back legs when the snow was deep and the wind chills were 15 below zero.  He was a trooper, but really didn’t like them.

2.  I don’t remember being this tired every night ever in my life.  Cold weather wears me out.

Those are my complaints.  Pathetic when you see them in writing, huh?  Anyway, I’m back.  I have been remiss in my blogging.  I got these from my Heide for Christmas.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe picture was taken BS (before snow).  Aren’t those purdy?  I love them, but only use them for my showers because I am a very messy person in the kitchen and don’t want to stain them.

It is warmer today, but while out grocery shopping I encountered snow, sleet and freezing rain.  Now, we’re at partly sunny and weird.  Weather has become my entertainment.  I’m easy that way.

Remember Killer, the neighborhood bully cat?  He is still around and kicking.  My neighbor takes such good care of him, but can’t bring him inside because he marks everything.  So she set up a heater on her carport so he, and the other feral kitties (and, opposums apparently) can snuggle up when the temperatures are so bitter cold.  She is a good soul.

Well, I have to go bake cookies and make Texas Caviar for our church potluck lunch tomorrow.  Have a good one!!!!

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Mother Nature is in a mood

We’re having a weather event here in Middle Earth. According to our news people, it is quite chilly (-9F) with wind chills in the -20 to -30F range.  It’s bad enough that Grover had difficulty in the yard.  You see, we had 11″ of snow yesterday with dropping temperatures.  Very winter weather.  I haven’t tried to start the car, yet, because my boss gave us a snow day.  I will need to do that later in the morning.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis picture was from when the temps were still in the 20′s and it had just begun to snow heavily.  He came limping in earlier this morning because of the bitter cold temps and the snow.  Not sure what to do about that, other than going out later and shoveling.

So, I’m cabin bound and knitting.  I am so very grateful to be able to do just that.  If it’s cold, be careful.  If not, take care anyway.   Have a good one!!!

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photo 3This is a tree at the Missouri Botanical Garden here in Middle Earth.  It was smack dab in the middle of the “Eerie Forest”.  And, yes, it was eerie and a bit disorienting.

photo 2I couldn’t get a shot of the Climatron because there were hoards of people at the Garden last night.  The event was sold out.  Now, the Garden is huge.  It can hold a lot of people, but it was wall-to-wall people and cars at 8:00 p.m. last night.  The reason?  The weather was fabulous.  I imagine this evening will be worse.  But, people were in a festive mood and it was really fun.

I also got my new windows, but I’ll post about them soon.  I wanted to share the Glow with you because it was so very cool.  I leave you with my soundtrack for today, “Peace” by George Winston.

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