If this is summer, I’ll take it!

Yesterday our high was 80. Today our high will be 80. I awakened this morning to 56F. Whew! It’s exhausting. Wanna know why? It’s too pretty to stay inside! Of course, it’s also very hard to convince an employer to move your desk and computer outside, so I’m taking it where I can get it. And, enjoying it. Grover and I walked in comfort and a bit of a chill this morning. Wonderful. I’m just hoping (fruitlessly, I know) that this moderate weather will transfer to the winter.

Isnt’ he a happy boy? Don’t you just love the path he’s worn in the grass? I’m thrilled. But, we all know the disclaimer, he’s a big boy and where he travels, you know. That’s the wild rose around the deck on the left and the Japanese Maple on his right.

I have started some knitting that I can’t talk about. No. Please, stop laughing. Seriously. It’s not designing. It’s a gift. I’m always wondering when I read about secret knitting on someone’s blog whether it’s a gift or design. Surely, you know me well enough by now, that if I’m designing something, I’ll drag you all along with me every step of the way. Of course, this knitting is taking forever because all my knitting takes forever. Still, I’m working away on it and PurplePi. I’m not working as much on CeCe because she is not portable. Poor dear. I’m still picking her up when I sit down in the living room, but that’s not happening much right now, but it will as we head toward July.

Oh, shit. I just remembered I forgot to spin last night. Well, today I’ll spin. What an airhead.

I want to thank you all for your kind remarks yesterday. I’m fine. When we care about people (love, like, take your pick), the need to help when they are in pain is overwhelming. That’s one reason I can’t give up on people. Sometimes I want to hole up in a cave and be alone and give it all up. Then, I realize how much I would lose, and miss. As I get older, I’m becoming more acutely aware that love is pretty much it. You can wear the best clothes, live in the best location, have the coolest things, but without love you have nothing. It’s been said better, but the sentiment is the same. Other than money, how do we show our love (like) for each other in the blogworld? We check in on each other. We comment. But, honestly, how do we show our caring? I’m just asking. I don’t know. I try to touch the lives of those I care about by commenting when they post. But, if they don’t post, would we know what was wrong? Norma talked about this a while back. She came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t know unless we each had someone with passwords and such who could step in and post for us. What do you think?

Well. I gotta get going. I gotta go to work. No complaints. I have a job. Now. So far. Hey. Complacency does not rule here. Not anymore anyway! You have a good one!

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7 Responses to If this is summer, I’ll take it!

  1. Annie says:

    I think Norma is right. Nobody in my family knows what forums I frequent, or much about the blog really. I told them about it, but they don’t read it. The best they could do would be to make a comment on the last post, I guess.

  2. margene says:

    We need to relish the beautiful, comfortable days of early summer as they seem so few and far between.
    It does give one pause to think about what would happen if well, nothing happened on someones blog. I do think enough of the blogger/people I’m close to would know something about my status and pass the word.

  3. Enjoy the early summer while you have it! I think this year we’re have a few more lower temp days than recent years, though they have been spotted with unusually hot ones too.

  4. Nora says:

    How funny you posted on this topic today – I was just thinking that you hadn’t posted in a while, and I clicked over just to see what was up, and learned that in fact you HAVE been posting – very wonderfully – but stinking bloglines hasn’t picked you up! I’m sorry for your losses, and those of your friends. It never rains but it pours, it seems. I just finished a book you might want to read. It’s called “Here if You Need Me,” by Kate Braestrup.

    Did you know that WordPress decided that something about a flat booty was related to this post? Crazy!!

  5. heideho says:

    Hooray for summer! Grover looks so sweet. The ten minutes of spinning is just a suggestion, not some hard and fast deadline with an expected F.O. like a KAL. I think you would be a fabulous designer.

  6. Amy says:

    Enjoy your pleasant weather. We had 92F with 100% humidity today. sigh.

  7. carol says:

    Your Grover is very handsome. You are right when you say that all of the material stuff is not important. It’s nice to beable to reach out to each other in blog land. I guess if we don’t cancel our blogs and quit posting we can assume something is wrong. It’s nice to be able to chat with one another while we can.

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