Exactly what day is it anyway?

Oh, I know. I was testing you. It’s Wednesday. Last night was knitting night and Frannie and I went and there were only 5 of us. The last time we made it there were about 10. Ten is too many when half of the group is transients. It makes it hard to chat and catch up with the regulars. Still, it was nice to get back. “C” was knitting a baby blanket. Arthur was beading (he has ever changing interests) and Mary was rewinding her yarn after ripping an afghan. I am looking into knitting a baby blanket for my cousin’s son and his wife. They’re expecting their first child. I’m also trying to be realistic about my speed. The speed and the attention of a gnat thing. I figure if I go lacy then I’ll be able to finish it faster, but I do know myself so I’m considering the idea before I cast on and make myself mad. It’s not like I h.a.v.e. to knit this. It’s probably just “want”, and not “need”. See? I’ve already talked myself out of it. This baby will have the finest of everything, so my not knitting a blanket will have no consequences (except to relieve me of the duty).

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the flooding. This year is a bit different from 1993. The flooding is more devastating because it’s coming without much warning. In fact, in some cases people have only had 2 days warning before their homes are filled. In ’93, they had weeks of warning and could move households before the water came in. Now, no. Part of the problem this year is the over building in the flood plains. I am angry and have been for quite some time. After 1993 and the devastation of the floods, the flood plains were built up like nothing ever happened. WTF? When the networks show the flooding, they usually show the historic houses and houses that have been on the riverfronts for quite a while. They aren’t showing the brand new strip malls and offices built where the river has flooded forever. The flood plains were always farmed because of their rich soil. No more. I know I’m ranting, but the news will never tell you how much money in tax dollars is going to go to bail out businesses built on flood plains. OK. I feel better. I just needed to get that off my chest. I promise I won’t discuss the Anheuser Busch thing. I have an opinion, but greed always wins, so I think this is a done deal. Don’t you feel so much more informed? Me, neither;-)

Last night I stopped at the funeral home to pay my respects to “D’s” grandma. Well, folks. I’m not a fashion diva or decorating marvel. Keeping this mind, I want to tell you what I saw when I walked into the huge white tacky funeral home. OMG. As I was walking in, keep in mind this is Hooterville, not St. Louis, there were huge concrete urns, filled to the brim with silk flowers. I almost stopped. I could not believe my eyes. It’s June. St. Louis is ideal for growing real flowers. It was hideous. I controlled my giggles (I am, always, decorous). I went into the funeral home and was greeted by absolutely awful, poorly designed and poorly made stained glass windows. At that moment I realized it was a test and I had failed. I could not take my eyes off this hideous stuff. I kept finding more and more awful things in this funeral home. I was mesmerized by the ugly. It was huge. It was horrible. It was like a trainwreck of sofa-sized paintings by “real” artists sold off trucks in parking lots. I was able to hold it together (it was supposed to be sad, after all) until I left. I sat in the car and just giggled. Yes. I’m ill-bred and bad, but damn it, it was funny. I so wish I could have taken my camera in. Wouldn’t that have been a faux pas? Oh yes, it would have been, but then I would have had visual proof of my experience. Your gonna have to trust me.

I’ve rambled long enough. You have a good one!!!

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6 Responses to Exactly what day is it anyway?

  1. margene says:

    Last night on the news there was a report about new homes built in a high water table area (during low water table years) and the homes are now flooding and the authorities don’t know why. DUH! It is infuriating. What happened to caveat emptor?
    Oh yes, it would have been so hard to contain the giggles for me, too. Good thing we weren’t together we’d have been feeding off each other and laughing out loud.

  2. Annie says:

    I see that happening around here, too. A new development being built in a flood prone area, I mean. Every time it rains hard, this area floods. Then they act surprised. Hello! The worst part is the new development is causing nearby neighborhoods to flood, where they never have before. The town’s proposed solution is to cut a drainage creek through that area. My friend would lose about half of her yard to the new “creek”.

    Maybe you could go back to the funeral home to take pictures. Tell them you’re doing some pre-planning, and want a tour. Hahaha!

  3. Nora says:

    Look at it this way: your gigglefit was a good and innocent way of getting some comic relief in a hard situation. In fact, maybe they made it all so tacky for just that reason??

  4. Cookie says:

    I think it’s big city people who just don’t understand what happens when it floods. We have similar issues out here. Developers who want to build behind levies in flood prone areas and get whiny when they’re told no. We live in a 100 year flood plain that has flooded at least five times in the last 30 years, but they don’t want to hear it.

    Then again, I think if you’re silly enough to buy a house in a flood area, you get what you deserve. Yeah, I’m not real supportive at times. *L*

  5. heideho says:

    Anybody who knowingly builds a new home or business in a designated flood plain, especially where there has been recent flood history, should not be eligible for government rebuilding funds. I’m fine with the government rescuing people and helping t hose who were honestly not expecting this, but tax dollars to compensate stupidity annoy me to no end.

    Maybe it was planned tackiness to divert peoples’ attentions away from their grief… but I doubt it. It sounds like it was decorated by straight men out of a trailer park.

    Crap, I’m sounding just a little harsh. It’s time for me to shut up. Hugs to you!

  6. olga says:

    Well DUH! Of corse it was tacky! It was done by the same person who decorated for Elvis! And it’s all coming back you know, everyone is tired of tasteful and neutral.

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