It was an extremely busy Saturday. Started at 6:00 a.m. with a walk with my big boy, Grover. Then home and laundry and breakfast and then, Peanut came over, we went and got coffee and breakfast for her and then to the farmer’s market. After the market (the floods are seriously affecting the crops already). We got beets and cherries and eggs. I also got some yellow or summer squash. It’s just coming in. After that I came home, changed my clothes and hauled 5 lbs. of potato salad (Mum and I got it made in an hour on Friday evening, that must be some kind of record)and went to church for an interesting memorial service. As I sat down with my friend “A” we noticed a man at the front of the church with mutton chops. OK. Let me set the scene here. My church is the oldest Presbyterian church west of the Mississippi. It is stone and the sanctuary was built in 1927. We embody the Presbyterian unspoken credo “quietly and in good order.” OK. That’s a running joke in my church, but we call ourselves the “frozen chosen” for a reason. We sing old hymns, Bach, Haydn, Handel, old dead white guy music. We have begun to sing some gospel, but that’s only the choir and it’s taken us some time to loosen up enough to sell it. Flash forward to the beginning of the service. “A” and I were taken aback by this guy with mutton chops. He was in a tux, but looked completely out of place. We almost wet our pants when he started singing. He was an Elvis impersonator. We did not dare look at each other or we would have completely lost it. That, and the choices of old country hymns gave it an unusual feel. I have to say I have never seen an Elvis impersonator in church before and it really set the tone for the entire service. Thankfully, it was short. After that I went home and decided to get pedicure. I love how it looks and it makes me feel a bit better since I wear sandals all summer.

We went to my BB and BSIL’s and had a lovely time. It was gorgeous and we sat outside and drank sangria.

Yesterday, I spent the day doing laundry and spinning (see pic above?) and a bit of knitting. The knitting wasn’t much because I’ve been running warm lately and wool touching my skin is icky feeling. The big boy finally had given up on getting back in the house (so spoiled) and laid down while I worked on an unknown roving that is a bear to spin, but lovely dark charcoal with a bit of burgundy and silver streaked through. I did my last week’s spinning yesterday. I spun for well over an hour. It was heaven. What is it about spinning that relaxes me so much? I feel so at peace when I’m spinning. I also finished the Puesta del Sol and washed it. I’ll get a picture after it dries. It’s inconsistent and lumpy in places, but it took me a year and that explains everything that’s wrong with it. Still, I think it’s beautiful. I spun it and I washed it and I’ll knit it. Oh, and it’s incredibly soft. I’m thinking mitts or a hat. Not sure of the yardage yet.

You all have a good one! Oh, and rest in peace, George Carlin. You were brilliant and funny.

P.S.  I have started my first pair of SOS ’08 socks.  I can’t show you because they are a gift.

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4 Responses to Whew!

  1. Joy says:

    *Most* interesting – Bloglines picked up the 6/17 post almost a week later – ??? Love the Grover photo. We’ll have to discuss old Presbyterian churches sometime – yours sounds very much like mine, in fact “decently & in order” was mentioned not so long ago 😉

  2. heideho says:

    Love your pedicure! Grover looks quite content to be snoozing next to your wheel. I worry about food shortages. Then again, I worry about everything. It’s my calling in life. Laughing at funerals is a bad habit for me and if Elvis ever showed up at one I’d be in hysterics. It sounds like the deceased had a wicked sense of humor. “The frozen chosen”! You crack me up. Have a great week.

  3. margene says:

    Lovely toes on the wheel…the only way to go. The funeral sounds like a hoot and another good way to go. My sock mojo must have got up and gone to your place. You can keep it…I’m generous that way.

  4. Annie says:

    Wait, what? George Carlin? No! I must be living under a rock.

    I love the spinning/Grover shot.

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