Happy Independence Day!

I will not wax poetic about my country today. I love my people. We are a way cool group (for the most part because as we know there are assholes in almost every group). No. Today, I’m declaring my independence from unrealistic expectations. I no longer will accept the unrealistic expectation (sometimes my own) that I can “have it all.” First off, I don’t want it all. I can’t handle or take care of it all. Secondly, I’m middle-aged. Having it all means having more energy to do it all and I don’t have that energy any more. Thirdly, I’m a caregiver. That means the time I would use for “having it all” needs to be taken by my Mum (and, wives and mothers you are not exempt from this title). Fourthly (is that even a word?)and finally, it is not my desire to have an epitaph that reads “She had a clean house and was very tidy”. I can assure you, my epitaph (if there is one and I do think I would prefer it to read “Wicked bitch”) will not say I was tidy or that I have a clean house. You are most welcome in my house, but you had best not care one rat’s ass if it’s clean or tidy. Cocktails will be served. Thank you.

I was out walking with my Grover this morning and that whole paragraph up there just sort of bubbled up. I’m not a good exerciser. I walk the dog. In fact, I had wanted a dog for years just to make sure I would get out. When I got Dylan Thomas in 1998, I started out walking him twice a day. When life and reality got in the way, we went to early a.m. walks and I have stayed with that ever since. Grover body slams me in the morning he gets so excited about his walk. A full body slam. He starts jumping and slams into me. Full body contact. When he first started it in the winter, the house was dark and he would body slam me into furniture or just knock me down. Now, I expect it and brace myself. I will not correct exuberant behavior when I can prepare myself for it.

Once again, no knitting to report. I’m not in a funk or unhappy or anything like that at all. I’m disorganized and, oh hell, I’m me. I have a new routine. When I’m a bit slow at work I go to Ravelry and check out the new patterns. If I do this once a week or so, I can keep up without putting a huge amount of time into it. I am so impressed by the incredible creativity and beauty that is this knitting/crocheting community. I’m sorry. I have the giggles. I just typed crotcheting instead of crocheting. I’m easy.

That is an echinacea (purple coneflower).  This is a July flower in these here parts.  It is also invasive.  I yank the extras all the time.  The roots of this flower are used in the tinctures and herbs folks take to build up their immunity.  It is also very pretty.  Please have a safe and enjoyable 4th!

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7 Responses to Happy Independence Day!

  1. joyknits says:

    Excellent thoughts, and as many of us know, almost anything without some added fiber, whether pet or project, just isn’t happening! Crotcheting probably fits most of the rest of us pretty well at one time or another, too 😉

  2. heideho says:

    “Crotcheting” too funny. There is a lady who had/has a website where she will crochet a clutch bag to resemble female body parts, complete with hair. The reason this made me think of it is because the name of her site was, “Crochet My Crotch”. Is that way inappropriate to mention on your family-friendly blog?

    I’m too lazy to own a dog. The last one we had became extremely overweight because I love to feed everybody and am more into petting. When he went back to live with his original trainer/owner she was mortified by his size. I’m a dog owner vicariously through your stories of Grover.

    I hope you enjoy your long weekend off. I also hope that your animals aren’t too upset by the fireworks. Maybe it’s due to the gas crunch, etc, but there don’t seem to be as many going off in our area this year. Hugs to you all!

  3. margene says:

    Crotching sounds much more fun than crocheting…just sayin’. Having it all was a joke perpetrated on womankind. It’s time we defined our lives in our own ways. Enjoy your long weekend…so far so good out this way. 😉

  4. Nora says:

    What Margene said. And just what is “it all,” anyway?? I think many of us have “it all,” but we just don’t get it. Good for you for walking every day. And coneflowers don’t emerge for another few weeks here… mine aren’t nearly as invasive as the black eyed Susans. Wonder why?

  5. emicat says:

    Cindy, you are my hero! Thanks for keeping it real and helping me by not doing my chores and that it’s ok to have a slightly messy home 🙂

    Crotcheting… LOL someone mentioned a bag that resembled female body parts. A gal in my knitting group found a pattern called “snatchel” and it was a little satchel to resemble a…. yes. We were in an uproar!

    Ya know, I never knew that’s what the Echinacea flower looked like. I love the lavender purple petals.

    Hope you had a great 4th! How did your cocktails turn out, btw?

  6. Annie says:

    Holy crap, you really are my long lost sister! As I type, there is a sink full of dishes, and yay, the stiff wind coming through the windows is blowing the dust elephants out from under the couch. Woohoo, no need to vacuum under the couch!

  7. heheheh. I gave up “having it all” awhile back and I let myself off the hook too. That’s part of the reason I’ve been away from blogland for so long. I’ve been “living” a bit before the weather turns and I’m stuck indoors again. There are enough stresses pushed onto us in life without our adding more and life really is too short to have it really matter. BTW your eptiath would have to read Special Friend of Wicked Bitch, cause Wicked Bitch is mine. 🙂 Really! I’ve reserved it! Love ya bunches, and on your next walk out with the G dog, remind him that Tucker is sleeping at the time you’re walking. lol

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