A day off means something different these days

As a homeowner on a budget, my vacation days are filled with projects and jobs. I am not unusual. I am slow. I am not a handy person by nature. It takes me a great deal of time to figure things out just to do the little project. Yesterday, it took me almost two hours to hang a new blind in my mother’s bedroom. And, this didn’t even include the time out to run to the hardware store for drill bits. That, is a given. Whenever I start a small project, I can almost be guaranteed that I will need something else to complete the job. Still, you would have thought I had built a gazebo for all the happiness that window blind brought. I still have two more to hang, but am waiting for one of them to arrive.

Then, last night I went to knitting night. I’m guessing the heat made people crabby, but there was a general pissiness that is not the norm. I just tried to sit and knit on PurplePi. She is growing ever so slowly and it became obvious to me last night that she needs a bit more before the edging. I don’t want a tiny shawl when the amount of yarn is almost limitless. There is now beading, rug hooking and crocheting in my knitting group. I honestly don’t mind. I just like sitting and knitting and chatting just a bit.

So, my soundtrack for today is Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider. I don’t care for the video because it’s a might overproduced, but the song cranked up loud makes me happy.

Have a good one!

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3 Responses to A day off means something different these days

  1. I’m sorry to hear your usual “escape” wasn’t as pleasant as it should be. I must be a part of a lucky group because even is someone is in a bad mood there is at least one other person that can make light of the issues and get us all to laugh and forget the bad – at least for the duration of our knitting.

  2. margene says:

    Jobs like that make you wish for a good handyman. Although it took you a good amount you did it! Something to be said for that!
    I’ve got Billy Bragg and Wilco stuck in my head today…California Stars.

  3. heideho says:

    Wish I was there to help hand you tools and knit afterwards. It’s supposed to be hot here today too so I’ll be confined to the house. The good news is that maybe I’ll actually do my knitting today, it’s been sorely neglected as of late. I can’t wait to see pictures of purple pi. Hugs!

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