Today, I am wandering into classical music territory. No knitting or spinning to report. Yesterday was a busy day, and I’m still pouting about not having time to do either. So, I’m gonna share my all time favorite piece of classical music. It’s Widor’s Toccata. I love this. I heard it originally on an album my BB had. It was Virgil Fox in San Francisco in the 60’s. In other words, the man was playing a classical organ for wont of a better word, hippies. They screamed and yelled during the pieces and I loved it to death. The version I’ve linked to here is much much better than old Virgil did in SF. He was well into his late 60’s by then and, if you watched the video (please watch a bit), you will notice that playing an organ is not really easy. The guy in the video here is good, too. This is the soundtrack of my day today.

Esau Marie is shown stretching here (upside down). Since Missy Boo’s untimely death in December, Esau has started coming out of her shell. She is still channeling PurplePi, but I have explained to her, time and time again, that PurplePi is wool and it’s hot and wool on my lap is not happening right now. It seems PurplePi is a strong presence because poor little Esau Marie has been hollering quite a bit lately. I did try to pick up PurplePi the other day, but it felt like a major yuck, so I put her away again. I’m being accused of playing yo yo with her emotions. Until it cools down, she’s persona non Grata. I’m being firm here. At least until I cave again.

It’s July 15 and I’m noticing the morning are a bit darker all the time. I’m not unhappy because this is how the seasons go. Fine with me. Still, it’s a bittersweet feeling these days. After last winter, I’m enjoying this summer. And, the fact that our spring was a complete bust due to cold wet weather, the summer means even more. The bugs are hideous, but the weather has been delightful for the most part.

So, on this rambling note, you have a good one!

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One Response to Classic

  1. magene says:

    Now that you mention it I see it is darker in the mornings. I love the morning light as I’m an early riser. The summer is going too quickly and I’ll be hanging on to it with my finger tips as it goes. Winter is hard on me now.
    I’m a classical fan, too. Beethoven String Quartets and Schubert’s too!

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