Random Wednesday, I think

It’s Wednesday. Mid-week. We’ve made it this far, we can make it the rest of the way. This morning, Joan Jett is ringing in my ears. Has everyone heard Britney Spears version of this classic? Poor dear. It’s so sad when a classic is butchered. It’s a rockin’ morning here in Middle Earth. Hot and rocking!

Last evening I spent time knitting on “the scarf”. I suppose I best come up with a better name for her (I’m sure she’s a girl, she’s pink, and I know it’s a sexist statement-so sue me). I love her muchly. The pattern is a free pattern I found on Ravelry (love it!). It’s by Stickchicky and it’s called “The Waltz”. Very clever, very easy and it’s a lovely lacy pattern. Sometimes I find that free patterns are a bit difficult to follow and when it’s free I can’t be very demanding. Somebody has taken their time and designed something and posted it for us to knit. To rag on somebody like that would be not just unkind, but downright pissy. And, I have to say I feel very comfortable questioning a pattern when I’ve paid real money for it. I have no issues asking the author for help when I’ve paid.

One thing I am doing now is relaxing. I’m slow. I don’t have a bunch of time to knit or spin, so I’m lightening up a bit. Since I’ve relaxed I find I actually knit a bit more. I can’t figure it out. I have no more time, but I’m accomplishing more. Huh?

I haven’t written much about life lately. My job is changing with the economy. I am secure for the time being, but with the good economic news we’ve been getting lately, who knows? I do know that my boss is in rehab and angry (that’s nothing new). His children are doing everything they can to keep things going and watch out for him and we’re keeping things going on the business front. One of my co-workers is drinking on the job. Yup. This is the strangest thing for me. I’m no stranger to alcoholism. My family is filled with it. I’m no stranger to substance abuse, but I come from Calvinists. There is no excuse for not working. You never let self-medicating get in the way of your life. OK. John Calvin did not believe in drinking. Or fun. But, I do have to say his work ethic runs in my family like blood. So, this drinking at work and coming in drunk is not only disturbing, but tragic. I don’t understand it and resent it, but still, I feel so intensely sad for this person. This is one tragedy I have to step out of every single day.

Wow. How cheery. I just wanted to explain my writing about surfacey type things. I’ve been troubled by it and unable to process it until now. And, that’s how I do things. I can’t talk about something that is bothering me until I can process it. Until it’s processed, it’s all garbled and unclear. Oh, and I forgot. This lump o’ knitting is a child’s hat I’m knitting for an elementary school in St. Louis that is over 90% below poverty. I am knitting hats for the little guys so they’ll be warm this winter. This is bulky Tahki old something. It will make a warm warm hat. You have a good one!

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7 Responses to Random Wednesday, I think

  1. Nora says:

    Yeesh. It IS sad that this person can’t get his issues under control. More sad when they affect others. Keep your head down – the scarf will help!!

  2. heideho says:

    Sweet hat and wonderful reason to knit. As far as your co-worker goes… I have absolutely NO sympathy for people who drink and drive. Hopefully this individual is taking a taxi, public transportation or walking. If not then there is real potential for him/her to completely ruin many lives. That aside, there have to be others who have also noticed, whether they be co-workers or this person’s family. If you aren’t close enough to him/her to suggest help then maybe one of these people can do so. The scarf is lovely. I’m terrible at knitting anything requiring complex patterns. Gotta run and package up ebay sales for mailing. Cheers!

  3. margene says:

    I’ve never heard BS (hahaha) and hope I never do. lol
    It is so unsettling when your in a situation and you have little to no control or even have an affect. If nothing else this economy is teaching me to live in the moment. The past can’t be changed and the future is too uncertain to entertain.
    Hugs, grrlfriend, hugs to you!

  4. margene says:

    Oh and my soundtrack today is Revolver.

  5. olga says:

    It makes me very uncomfortable and I guess freaked out when people are drunk in places they have no business being drunk at, like work! It is scary wondering what is gonna happen in this country when it all hits the fan, and it is going to. We just can’t keep on going with this consuming life style without consequences.

  6. heideho says:

    Cindy, your package just arrived and it has me in tears. Everything is so beautiful. I may never take the socks off again. They fit perfectly. Thank you!

  7. emicat says:

    Hmm, that is tragic about your co-worker. I hope s/he is not driving!!!

    That’s wonderful that you’re knitting for the schoolkids. I really should be looking into stuff like that, especially the way things have been in this country. I’m certain there are people out there I can help in some way, however little.

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