Thursday sans Dog

I’m bad about the Dogs on Thursday posts. I forget or forget to take pictures of the boy. He’s too large to “catch” in a cute pose. He’s his cutest when he’s leaning on you trying to snuggle under your arms, but I’m having trouble photographing that particular pose. It’s usually my armpit he’s trying to get under. Let me just tell you that he’s fine and very content and hating the heat.

Last night I knit a little over one pattern on “the scarf”. I also spun a bit, but couldn’t do it for long because I tensed up. I do that occasionally and I believe it’s due to fatigue. I just stopped and knit some more. That’s the joy of the 10 Minutes a Day. I feel like I’ve done what I set out to do and usually can get in about 15 or 20 minutes. Brilliant idea. At least, for me;-)

I spent last night early evening in the front trying to beat back nature again. We have some beautiful phlox. Ours are white and light lavender. They are heavenly scented and lovely to look at, but were obliterated by weeds, so I had to go out and do battle with the weeds (again). After about an hour (maybe 45 minutes), I beat it down and, after filling an entire trash can with weeds and green waste, got it under control. I read Norma and weep. Of course, I work 40+ hours per week and have outside obligations 2 times a week or so, but she has such a lovely garden, doesn’t she?

Joan Jett is still the soundtrack of my life this morning. I hate myself for loving you.

Have a good one!

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3 Responses to Thursday sans Dog

  1. margene says:

    It’s too early for a soundtrack, but I did hear 5 to One by the Doors all night long (in my head). Sleep well?…um, that would be no.
    I took photos of my spinning…does that count in the 10 minutes a day? lol

  2. heideho says:

    I checked out Norma’s blog and now I have garden envy. Mine looks like a weed patch with a few paltry vegetables scattered here and there. I’m spinning vicariously through you these days. I’d love it if someone could take a picture of you and Grover together. That would more than make up for his photo-less Thursdays. Time to go wake up, the coffee pot just beeped.

  3. emicat says:

    wow, her garden sure is nice! I’m envious of anyone who has a garden, as all I’ve got are a few containers of herbs and I’ll be lucky of my tomato plant will actually have tomatoes. We shall see.

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