My little brother loved music.  Maybe more than anyone else I have ever known.   One of the last things we did together was see Todd Rundgren.  Guess what my soundtrack is today? Yup. I have been trying hard to get the videos imbedded in my posts, but so far, ain’t workin’, so we’ll just mosey along this way for a bit.  Anyway, after seeing Todd Rundgren in person, I was hooked.  What a brilliant (and strange) musician.  Great live show, too.  I was thinking about all the people who have influenced my music life.  Since my Dad was a professional musician and my Mom an accomplished pianist, I have never lived without music.  There aren’t many forms of music I don’t care for and those might just be a lack of information.  I wasn’t much on gospel until David showed our choir that it was a riot to sing and it is also quite difficult when you’re used to singing “dead white guy” music.  My parents, my brothers (my big brother has always been very influential as well), David,  our community radio station KDHX, and now, my blogging friends.  I love new forms of music.  I also love my old standbys.

I spent the weekend inside, for the most part.  We are in the middle of harvest season and except for a trip to the farmer’s market this weekend, it was too bloody hot to stay outside for long.  We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with my BSIL and BB.  It was so enjoyable.  Good food, good wine and great company.  Lovely.

After church yesterday, I came home and finished the laundry and knit and did more spinning.  I finished plying my unknown, but enjoyable black, charcoal, white roving.  I’m letting it sit on the bobbin for a few days and then, I’ll wind it and set the twist. I’m not sure if it’s as shiney as it looks in the picture.  It’s very nice, but I don’t know how much I’ll end up with.   I also worked on PurplePi .  She looks about the same, only bigger.  I measured (I really did!!) and she needs about 10 more inches before I start the edging.  I don’t think I mentioned, this is going to be a warm and large shawl/lap robe.  Right now, she looks like a big ole Lump ‘O Knitting.  Do you like my toenail polish in the lower right hand corner?

I hope you had a good weekend.  Now, we need to start on having a good week, so you have a good one!

P.S.  On my bloglines feed, the picture is of the Moonbeam Coreopsis.  Here in my blog home, it’s the PurplePi.  WFT?

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