And, now, heavy drinking shall ensue………..

My nerves are shot.  I might as well admit it.  I called my mother at lunch, Monday, (we do this every single work day) and the line was busy.  No biggy.  She’s a doll and very popular.  I tried again in about five minutes.  Busy.  Another five minutes.  Busy.  I did this for 30 minutes.  I wasn’t panicky.  She has issues with the cordless phones, but after 30 minutes I was concerned.  I went back to work and told them I was going home and got in the car to head home.  I tried one more time and got through.  She was fine, but wondering why I hadn’t called.  Love her heart.  This whole elderly parent alone about 35 minutes away is hard on me.  That, plus the economy.  I’m trying very hard to be more accepting of things.  I can’t change any of this right now.  Changes will have to be made, but not right now.  So, I need to lighten the hell up, don’t I?  I also found out that our electricity was out for a bit around lunch time.  Answers some questions for me.

My other issue today.  I choose my issues to go with the days.  Like picking out an outfit.  Is the apparent lack of forward movement in PurplePi and my lacy pink scarf.  The pink scarf has an excuse.  You know those nifty square knitting needles?  They’re exhausting.  I finally gave up on them and put my scarf on size 8’s that light up.  Very fragile needles.  I’ve broken off the light-up tip on one of the needles.  It can be glued, but it has slowed progress to, what?  a stop.  PurplePi blew my mind when I measured it.  I honestly thought I was closer.  I admit I want it to be a very very large shawl/lap robe, but I thought I was getting close to starting the edging, but noooooooooo.  I have 10″ left to do.  I am mad at her, but will refrain from any form of abuse.  She can dish it out to me, but I refuse to lower myself to her level, thankyouverymuch.

Our ruffled begonia.  Some pretty for the day. Might be the hottest this year.  Oh, yay.

My soundtrack today?  How about Manhattan Transfer?

Have a good one!

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8 Responses to And, now, heavy drinking shall ensue………..

  1. Kathleen says:

    May I suggest at least one NON-cordless phone in your mother’s house? That way, if the electric is downs but telephone service isn’t affected, your mother could still receive phone calls.

    Hope the day is better.

  2. margene says:

    Here’s to a better week ahead. I’ve missed my blogland friends, but it was nice to have a break. Purple Pi will happen in her own time. Maybe something quick and fun should be your main squeeze for awhile while you catch your breath. Sending hugs.

  3. Nora says:

    I like the Issue a Day idea. I’m going to adopt it.

    Don’t fret the pi. I like Margene’s idea – cheat on it!


  4. heideho says:

    Knitting monogamy is for wimps and you’re definately no wimp. I like your new look, but it threw me for a loop at first and I had to double check that I had the right place for my morning Cindy fix. Do they have any senior centers near you that come and pick up people in the special buses? That’s assuming that Mum would even want to go. It might give you both a welcome change though because she’d be with others so you wouldn’t worry as much and she’d get some more socializing. We only lived in one city that offered such services though, and I don’t know if they charged for them. Sorry, I’m rambling and in need of caffeine.

  5. Annie says:

    Eek, sorry for your fright. I know the feeling all too well.

    You know, you could forget the knitting for a while and spin a bit.

  6. Julie says:

    Love the new picture at the top. And Manhattan Transfer … fun, but wow, I think that video may be just a few years old!

  7. olga says:

    Ha! I was confused too when I got here, like – WHAT HAPPENED???? Did she move and not tell me? Lookin very fine now….. that color on your begonia is so beautiful.

  8. emicat says:

    The picture at the top threw me off too, thinking somehow my bookmark went to another site 😛
    It’s a pretty photo!

    I also 2nd the non-cordless phone to have as a backup in the house somewhere. Though it wouldn’t help me where I live, because I don’t even have a land line anymore – just our cell phones.

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