Wake up sleepy head. It’s Friday!

Today is the mostest wonderfullest day of the week.  It’s FRIDAY!  Now, if this isn’t good news, it may be that I’m not being my most cheerful self.  Well, then, IT’S FRIDAY!!!!! (HAPPY FACE).  Howzat?

So, here we are.  Altogether.  Happy.  Content.  I love giving happy PSA’s.  It’s not like an anti-smoking PSA.  Or one about unwanted pregnancy.  No.  This is a joyous time.  Each week we are given the gift of a fabulous Friday.  Take a deep breath.  Can you smell the Friday?  Me, too.

This is a picture of our surprise lilies.  You plant the bulbs and in the early summer, late spring, the leaves appear.  Then, the leaves disappear and late July, early August (or mid August this year), up pop these beautiful  SURPRISE! lilies.

I’m still on Sleeve I.  I did not knit at all on Wednesday.  It was a bit of a bothersome time for me.  My mother went to have dinner with the BB and BSIL.  I stayed home and cut the front yard.  When I went to start the lawn mower in the back, it became highly uncooperative.  After trying for about a half hour, I kicked it and put it in time out.  The back yard remains uncut.  Then, I decided to try and be helpful.  Our kitchen sink was stopped up.  I took off the gooseneck drain and emptied it.  Nothing, but water.  I moved farther back, emptying the pipes as I went.  I finally got to the wall drain and decided it was not a good idea to continue.  That, and the banging of my head four times, convinced me we needed professional help.  So, I poured a glass of wine and sat down.  I feared picking up my knitting due to the basic difficulties I had had all evening.  So, I didn’t knit or spin.  I sat and watched the Olympics (and tried to figure out why everything was against me).  By the time my Mom came home, happy and refreshed, I was mellow and headacheless.

Of course, the warmer weather hasn’t helped either.  I need to work on my wool-yips when the weather is hot.  I do not like the feel of wool when it’s hot outside.  To the point of being kinda itchy, creepy, yippy feeling.  Spinning is no better.  Hopefully, this will end soon.  We are coming to a close on August (did we have a summer?).   Fall is coming, and fast.  Grover and I went out Thursday morning in a rainy fog.  No dawn.  Too early.  I can see how it can become a tad depressing for months on end, but I am absolutely determined to approach fall and winter with a different attitude.  Wish me luck.

What are you hearing today?  I’m hearing this:

“Wordlessly Watching” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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6 Responses to Wake up sleepy head. It’s Friday!

  1. margene says:

    I adore CS&N. Nice one.
    Sorry the week was a little bothersome. Last weekend made me bone tired so I’m sittin’, knittin’ and relaxin’ this weekend. Maybe we should have a nightly toddy together this winter to keep each others spirits up. However, we did see only the slightest hint of leaf change in the mountains, but it is still dark….sigh.

  2. heideho says:

    You’re a plumber too? Dang girl, what don’t you do? Hope you have a great weekend and thank you for the PSA.

  3. Nora says:

    Really? It’s Friday?

    I’ll shout out the windows at all your relatives in Waukesha. I’m sure they won’t think I’m crazy.

  4. Cookie says:

    I love you nekkid ladies! I need to go see if mine are up yet. This month has two full moons. I think that explains a lot, frankly.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Rachel says:

    Almost September? I think it is safe to say we did not have a summer. Freaky If we don’t pay for it this winter we will definitely be paying for it next summer.

    Thank you for your comments earlier in the week on your experiences with you-know-which knitting group. From the feedback I have received from that post it looks like we are not in the minority.


  6. Annie says:

    Those lilies are absolutely gorgeous! So they’re called nekkid ladies? Must see if they grow here.

    That was a good call with the knitting. Or the not knitting, rather.

    I both admire and envy your plumbing skills!

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