Two on Tuesday

I have low standards.  I cannot pull a Ten on Tuesday, so I will pull what I can.

1.  Every time we have a heat wave predicted, the temperatures fall.  This has occurred all summer long.

2.  If this is a knitting blog, why isn’t there any knitting in it?

Thank you.

We are finishing up the summer vacation time this week.  I don’t know about you, but my summer has been packed full of swimming, camp and crafts.  Well, ok, crafts.  No swimming since I’m allergic to chlorine and have become a full-blown neurotic about lake and/or river water.  No camping because I don’t do camp without indoor plumbing, mattresses, clean sheets and room service.   Thank goddess I knit or I wouldn’t have gotten to do anything.  Everybody else gets to do it.  All my friends go to camp.  And, yes, if you jumped off a cliff, I would follow.  I make my parents proud.

I have actually pulled out the PurplePi.  Not because she’s been screaming at me (through Esau Marie), but because she needs to be finished, is mindless knitting, and it’s gonna get cold eventually.  I also would really like to knit a different shawl.  I’m tired of her.  Now, please don’t tell her.  I don’t want to hurt her feelings.  She’s a good friend, but not so much fun anymore.  She’s still beautiful and I do love her.  Just as a friend.  That means that Thing I (sleeve one of the Cosmopolitan Cardi) is in a bit of a time out herself.  I always think I have knitting time during lunch, but I never do.  So, my knitting time is basically in the evening after dinner and chores.

Now, since I can see you nodding off, I will let you off the hook with my soundtrack of the day.   Here it is:

Linda Ronstadt and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and “Hey, Good Lookin”

Have a good one!

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4 Responses to Two on Tuesday

  1. margene says:

    Today we’re expecting a cool down and we need it BIG TIME. It was the warmest night in a long time…nearly 80!! There is a big fire in the valley so we smelled smoke all night. I do hope for a respite from the heat. Purple Pi will be beautiful and you’ll love her again when you wear her…so keep up the process…she’ll be worth it!

  2. Annie says:

    Was that Vassar Clements on the fiddle too? It looked an awful lot like him. Have I ever mentioned I’m a Dirthead?

    We were forecast for the upper 40’s last night, but I don’t think it cooled off quite that much. Still, it has felt like September for most of August.

  3. joyknits says:

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy PurplePi when she’s done, but they DO drag towards the end, because they get so big. Hang in there!

  4. Glad to hear alls well in Middle Earth. We don’t tend to camp as we live in the mountains and that’s where we used to camp, so the funs kinda gone from it. lol I don’t swim as harpooning is an actual worry here. 😉 As for knitting, I finally got my knitting mojo back yesterday about 11:30 am. I’ll post on it so you can see. All in all it’s been a wonderful summer though. You should see all my “native” plants!!! lol Tucker sends his love.

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