I would give you a wordless Wednesday, but I am incapable.

I like the Wordless Wednesday posts.  I have a couple of problems with it.  I cannot shut the hell up.  I also cannot take a picture to save my life.  So, unless you want to bind my hands and send me good pictures, I’m out of this one.  I have noticed there are many cool little “aids” for blogging.  I have also realized that I am not using any of them.  I also do not do meme’s anymore.  I’m not certain why.   Part of it must be my lack of focus.  When I sit down to write my posts, I just meander all over the place.  Remarking on things that interest me or infuriate me, or whatever.  I believe it is a rebellion against organization and order.  Since Mom has become more confused and unable to sort mentally, I have had to step up and take care of that.  She is by no means bad.  She is failing, though.  We are set to have her memory tested and have her checked out neurologically.  That will occur in October.  I’m not sure that it’s a good idea.  There is something about that that makes me wonder if “knowing” will be worse than just guessing.  Still, if there is something that can be done, and she wants to do it.  We will.  She is still engaged in life and loves being with people.  It’s the little things, words, stories, that she has difficulty with and it breaks my heart to hear her struggle with the words.  I’m not telling you this for sympathy.  Or, to whine.  It is what it is and we need to deal with it.  Another hurdle in life.  Another bittersweet aspect of aging in a society that takes such good care of our bodies that we lose our minds first.  I just pray that she remains content and engaged.  We have such an incredible support network (of which you are a big part), I feel truly blessed.

So, the knitting? I have waffled and dallied and screwed around the past two weeks.  Nothing solid to show, but also nothing bad.  I had to rip 4″ of the “little pink scarf” because it fell off the needle and got all messed up.  Still, it came back just fine and I’m very happy with it.  I cannot wait to finish it.  It’s pink and purdy and lacy and soft.  What else can you want?

The Cosmo Cardigan is on a tiny time-out.  It wasn’t bad.  It was in the way.  I wanted to finish the “little pink scarf” and the cardigan was being knit while the temps rose.  As soon as the “little pink scarf” is completed, I will return once more to Thing II (sleeve 2 of the Cosmo Cardi).

Have you seen the new hoodie from Bonne Marie at Chic Knits????  I am also madly in love with Cassidy. Bonne should take a vacation so that I could get back and finish the Ribby Cardi.  Yes.  I am the only knit blogger that has not knit the Ribby Cardi.  Give me a break.  I told you I was slow!  I have the Eyelet Cardi pattern, too.  That, and CeCe.  I started CeCe and set her aside for the “little pink scarf”.  I am such a magpie.  Sheesh.

So, today, my soundtrack has worked its way back to the 60’s.  Playboy after Dark?  OMG.  If it weren’t for the Grateful Dead and “St. Stephen”, I would have laughed until I was sick.

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4 Responses to I would give you a wordless Wednesday, but I am incapable.

  1. margene says:

    Awww Jerry. He’s a great way to start any day. Knitting is an escape and solace…no race, no need to show progress of a major nature. You have your hands full with Mom care. Sending good thoughts for her!

  2. Nora says:

    Happy Wednesday, Cindy! I like words – not wordlessness!!

  3. Cookie says:

    My mother is starting to have trouble finding the right words, too. I’m not sure if it’s because she thinks in two languages at once or because of her age. I’m trying not to think about it.

    I have not knit anything Ribbi. I tried one of her patterns and it did not go well and I have not been back. Perhaps one day, but not anytime soon.

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Heide says:

    Why be wordless when you always have such interesting and insightful things to say? As I grow older more and more people I know have to deal with failing bodies and it’s heartbreaking. Mum is lucky to have you, Grover, Esau, your nieces and everyone else who loves her nearby. We should all be so fortunate. I miss knitting. Between kids’ activities and work nary a stitch has been made.

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