You Got the Music In You

I’m short of time, but this song has been reverberating in my head for about a week.  I had never really listened to the words, but absolutely love the song.  There is something very reminiscent about Todd Rundgren in it, so I love it.  The only thing is this.  If you watch the video, as an adult, you might just snort coffee (or tea) through your nose.  All adults are apparently terrified of teenagers.  I have seen this occasionally, but honestly, the video cracks me up.  Another distorted view of real life.  They are teenagers, though, so there is that short framework of reference issue, but damn.  Very very funny.  The band is the New Radicals.  Um, yeah.  I do hope the lead singer can get another gig.  He has a good voice.

Other than a big problem with time management, all is well here.  Have a wonderful Thursday everybody!!

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One Response to You Got the Music In You

  1. margene says:

    Hrmph…no video. That’s ok, I’m no fan of Todd. I did like his band the Nazz. I had one of their LPs and it was red!
    Happy Thursday.

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