Ten Things on Tuesday, or not

I suppose I could go with my ten favorite songs or my ten most wonderful memories, but then, you know what?  I’d have to try and top it next week and I can’t.  Consistency is not something I care to conquer.  I can waffle with the best of ’em and intend to do so.  You know my brother said something this weekend that blew our collective minds.  A dangling participle is not a grammatical error.  Say it ain’t so!   I have reworked sentences in the blog for 3 years plus to avoid a dreaded dangling participle.  My brother, the English teacher, said it isn’t wrong.  So, I now intend to dangle the hell out of participles whenever I please.

By the way, thank you all for your kind comments about the flooded basement.  We are surviving.  It’s icky, but ok.  The “Queen”, Esau Marie, no long has to walk on an icky wet concrete floor to get to her litter box.  The displeasure she radiated made me laugh out loud all weekend.  How dare we inconvenience the “Queen”???

The picture is merely for your reference.  The “Queen” is so much lovelier than this picture shows.  Her official portrait is much more flattering.

So, this weekend, while exhaustion made me brainless and clueless, I worked on a project inspired by the one and only, Margene.My second cup of tea gets cold sitting in its little I-Pot.  So, when Margene talked about, and showed this darling little tea cozy, I signed up.  Mine is still incomplete, but here it is so far.

Do not adjust your screens.  It is hideously blurry, but it is dark here and besides, I really liked the Noro Kuryeon all blended together by the blur.  I did turn up the picot hem last night and am madly in love with it.  Margene used this pattern, so I did too.  You know if Margene knits it, it’s cool.  She’s the queen of cool (no disrespect meant to the one and only “Queen”, Esau Marie).  I love it and will use it to death this winter.  I HATE cold tea.  I do not drink iced tea and cool tea turns my stomach (but, and remember this, I am NOT melodramatic!).

So, I’m on a Leo Kottke kick this week.  He is a brilliant and bizarre (which I do so love) musician.  I remember seeing him in the 80’s at Powell Symphony Hall.  The acoustics were amazing and we were only in the 20th row or so.  He does not disappoint.  This song is one of my favorites, as well.  I love this song by both Leo and Linda Ronstadt.  It’s “Louise”.

Have a good one!

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6 Responses to Ten Things on Tuesday, or not

  1. margene says:

    Your tea cozy colors are beautiful blended by blur or by design. 😉 I can tell you the cozy works, too!

  2. emicat says:

    Love the Noro cozy – it’s lookin good – and the photo isn’t blurry – there’s that photographic artsy term you can use for such photos: bokeh 🙂

    I can see the Queen shaking off her damp paws in disgust – I love when cats do that.

  3. Nora says:

    Margene is my hero. I think I need a coffee cup cozy.

    Go see my blog – I gave you a blue ribbon!!

  4. olga says:

    I love Noro no matter what it looks like. Nice yarn you won from Norma, I always wanted to try scouts stuff .

  5. joyknits says:

    I *so* know what you mean about Their Feline Majesties and wet floors 😉

    Himself got us each a cup warmer – mine lives near the computer, so no more cold cuppas!

  6. marianne says:

    Cats are so funny… ewwww wet floor! they start doing the ‘dance’ shaking their little feet.
    I make grammatical errors right and left. Sometimes on purpose.
    I LOVE that tea cozy! Thank you for the link and I am so loving yours, great colours.
    Thank you again for that bit of Leo, dude has a nice porch.

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