Another weekend shot to blazes

I finally got a good shot of the tea cozy.  It is from Noro Kuryeon, ball band lost in the shuffle.  I didn’t use anywhere near the entire skein.  It is 6″ tall and 8″ across the bottom.  I love it and it’s pretty.  Here’s a fairly decent shot.

So, how was your weekend?  Mine was filled with thwarted plans and changes and several moments of “ah, wells”.  It could have been worse, but I was looking forward to better.  Still, it was fine and dandy.  Very few weekends are a total bust.  At least, in my world.

I also have an object that I finished Saturday evening after starting it Saturday morning.  That has never happened ever in my entire knitting life.  Of course, it’s very small, but I’m very pleased.  I will show it to you tomorrow.

And, since I have little to chat about, I will take you directly to my soundtrack of the day.  Remember Jimi last week?  I found this way cool and quite ancient video of him live in 1967, doing “Purple Haze.”

Have a good one!

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5 Responses to Another weekend shot to blazes

  1. margene says:

    The tea cozy is so cute. I used mine several times this weekend which made the weekend that much better.
    WoW! Jimi looks SO young. Jimi is a good way to start the work week!

  2. heideho says:

    The tea cozy is just adorable. I’m sorry to hear that your weekend didn’t go as planned. Too bad there can’t be do-overs. Thank you for the Jimi.

  3. Nora says:

    Cute! Happy Monday!

  4. marianne says:

    I was just thinking the same thing, Jimi looking so young but… dude WAS young! So pretty, and I love that they caught one of his smiles. MMMM, thank you for that wonderful shot of Jimi!

    I love your tea cozy. Beautiful colours!
    Hope you’re having a good Monday!

  5. emicat says:

    I do like that Noro tea cozy. Too bad you can’t find the ballband as I’d like to figure out which colorway that is.

    My weekend was alright, but went by too quick as usual.

    Hope you have a great Monday.

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