It’s Dogs on Thursday Thursday

Yes.  Another installment in the neverending and completely adorable and fascinating adventures of Grover, the Wonderdog!  When we last left Grover, he had just thrown up on the living room rug.  It seems his tummy was a tad upset this morning.  Thankfully, it was a small mess from a huge dog.  We are quite accustomed to huge messes from a huge dog.  This did not require the disaster clean-up crew his messes normally require.  He even looked at me like he’d done something wrong.  Now, I have never yelled at him for being sick.  I think that’s cruel.  But, he looked at me with this woebegone expression that made me smile.  What a manipulator.  I did not get the camera because I’m not thinking blog fodder when I’m cleaning up a Grover mess.  I even made a side trip to the pet supply store yesterday for cookies for him.  He has been running dangerously low on the cookie front and, god forbid, he should be out of cookies.  He gets a cookie after his meal.  If humans get dessert, then puppies need dessert, too.  Right?  So, I’m in the store buying a 5# bag of humongous dog dog cookies and I get in line behind a young couple with a teacup terrier.  Have you ever seen one?  They are so tiny and itty bitty.  It was quite dear, but I watched the couple handle this dog like it was a child.  Excuse me, but no matter how tiny the dog, it is still a dog.  I felt bad for the pup.  She seemed truly confused by the treatment and the young couple were behaving like new parents.  Maybe, it’s just me.  I love my pup deeply, but he is a dog.  When I stop treating Grover like a dog he takes over and becomes quite dominant and a royal pain in the patoody.  We have had only one or two of those experiences in our house and he knows the “alpha bitch” is me.

I apologize for no pictures of the boy.  He’s been quite a baby this week and won’t go outside for long.  I have noticed his tendency to scratch a great deal when he’s been outside, so he might be suffering from season end allergies, too.  I know I am.

I am closing in on the end of the “little pink scarf”.  She is #1 with me right now because I am ready to be done with her….. block her and put her in the scarf/mitten/hat basket near the front door.  I love her, but it’s time for her to move on, get a life, a job and make something else of herself besides a lump in my knitting bag.

And, for your further enjoyment, here is Deep Purple and a 7 minute 29 second version of “Hey Joe”.  Do you remember the jamming for 30 minutes or so on one song?  Damn, most of those were way too long.

Have a good one!

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7 Responses to It’s Dogs on Thursday Thursday

  1. margene says:

    Yay for the pink scarf! Poor Grover. Our Murphy had allergies and it’s such a pain. Whacha gonna knit next? Deep Purple? meh

  2. joyknits says:

    Poor Grover – hope he’s feeling better! Know what you mean about being ready to be done with a project – there just comes a time …

  3. emicat says:

    Poor Grover. I hope he’s feeling better. I agree with you about the whole treating a dog like a baby thing. It’s good to know you’re the “alpha bitch” in the house (heh, I like that term).

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching “The Dog Whisperer” too much lately 😉

    I went to knitting last night and CO for two baby projects. I can’t believe that means I have 3 WIPs going on (I’ve been a one project committed gal since I’ve learned how to knit) heheh

  4. Annie says:

    Hope those allergies go away soon, for you both!

    Why is it that people insist on carrying small dogs? What, they don’t have legs?

  5. heideho says:

    Poor little Grover, I hope his tummy stays settled down. Have you ever watched, “It’s Me or The Dog?” with Victoria Stilwell? It’s a favorite show at our home. She is amazing with some dogs who have truly been messed up by their owners. She says over and over that dogs are not babies. Maybe those people will see it and get a clue.

    On the other hand, I have caught my daughters eating kibble in the past and when my girls were very small and very mobile they wore harnesses and leashes out in public so I wouldn’t lose them. I frowned highly upon the kibble crunching and put an end to that… ewww. The harness kept the girls safe, but I sure had a lot of grief from strangers.

    Happy Thursday.

  6. marianne says:

    Awww, poor Grover. mercy, big dog horking… been there, done that with my own big boy Blue…please, give Grover some lovin’ from me.
    I hear you, let the dogs be dogs, they’re so much happier… and balanced :^) Yes, I love Cesar Milan.
    YAY on the pink scarf, what’s next?

  7. carol says:

    I hope Grover feels better soon.

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