Look Ma, no hands!

Ok.  No cords.  I got a cordless keyboard and mouse on sale!!!  Life doesn’t get any better than this.  What I needed, on sale.  It only took me 3 hours to install the damned thing.  It’s the not damned thing’s fault, it’s mine.  Entirely.  I am an inveterate instruction avoider.  I’ve been doing this ever since I got my first computer.  So, I’m to blame for the long installation procedure.  Still.  Everything is working okeydokey now and I’m a happy girl.  Esau Marie has no cords to bite!  Yay!  She’ll just go after something else now.

The weekend could not have been more beautiful.  Every evening spent on the deck until the chill forced us inside.  So pretty.  And, we still have hummingbirds.  We’re about a week past the last time we saw them last fall.  I’m hoping this means a mild winter. hahahahahahahaha

I also got to get a picture or two of the “little pink scarf” or Waltz.  I got the pattern on Ravelry and it’s by Stickchicky.  I enjoyed it and it turned out quite lovely.  It’s about 68″ long and it’s soft after it’s washing.

It’s pinker than the picture shows.  I was hoping the purple splotches would wash out, but they faded just a bit.  I wish I could find the ball band, but it’s long gone I’m afraid.  I will not buy this sock yarn again.  I’m disappointed in the purple splotches.  As I said before, a learning experience.  Here’s a close-up, Mr. DeMille:

You can see some of the purple if you squint real hard.  I still love the scarf and will wear it.  I refuse to obsess.

I spent my weekend knitting on a Christmas gift, so no peaking children!

And, for my soundtrack of the day (it’s good to be able to do this again).  How about some more Jimi Hendrix?  Foxy Lady

Have a good one!

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7 Responses to Look Ma, no hands!

  1. margene says:

    Can’t help but laugh as I always try to skim the instructions first, then put the “thing” together and if all else fails read them more clearly. Why do things the easy way? The purple adds character for the pink scarf, just think how boring she’d be without it. Love the color and the patter looks like it was fun.

  2. joyknits says:

    Do we all read the instructions as an absolute last resort 😉 Hope EM doesn’t find something else worse to nibble on! Your scarf is lovely!

  3. Nora says:

    Love the scarf!!

    Instructions are overrated. Just ask my husband.

  4. emicat says:

    The scarf is lovely! Glad you got the keyboard and mouse and to have it on sale too – I love when things work out 🙂

    My boyfriend thinks instructions are overrated too, heh.

    We’re getting a last summer hurrah here today – it’s going to be 79. Too bad I’ll be at work, but at least I have my cake class tonight to look forward to.

  5. Annie says:

    Aha! So I’m not the only one tickled when something I need is actually on sale when I go to the store to buy it. The other day, orange juice and chocolate milk were on my grocery list. Turns out, they were having a buy a gallon of orange juice, get a gallon of chocolate milk free sale. Woohoo!

    I love the little pink scarf. Have you thought of overdyeing, if the splotches are bothersome? What’s really bothersome is you should never have had to worry about it in the first place.

  6. Cookie says:

    Very pretty scarf!

  7. marianne says:

    We refer to them as ‘destructions’.
    Your scarf is SO very pretty! It’s always a good morning with Jimi. :^)

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