Could you send some frost or freeze my way?

The weather has been absolutely beautiful. I last about 20 minutes before the intense itching and breathing difficulties begin. I’m sick of it and ready for a break. It doesn’t even help to take an anti-histamine. I know. Whine. Whine. Whine. Mom and I did get over to the Ferguson Farmer’s Market Saturday morning. We bought about 6 lbs. of fresh beautiful apples. I’m a happy girl. You can tell we are winding down on harvest season, but we also got fresh tomatoes and fingerling potatoes. That, plus Grover’s stash of handmade puppy cookies and we came away happy. It was such a pretty morning, too. The day was filled with laundry and stuff. We ended the day with pizza. I’m allergic to wheat, but I make a mean bread. I made the dough and added flax seed, oregano and garlic. We added the fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and it was delicious. That occurred after the oven fire. It looks like we’re gonna need a new stove/oven. The poor thing is at least 12 years old. In fact, we can’t find any of the paper work on this stove. It might even be older. Our microwave is a bit ill, too. I’m thinking a kitchen appliance Christmas. What fun. I’m really just grateful it wasn’t worse. I had a tough time putting the fire out and ended up using the disposable extinguisher. What a great idea. I will replace it at my first opportunity.

Sunday I spent finishing the laundry and trying to get the cordless keyboard working. Being a technical idiot makes hardware problem solving a tad tricky. Of course, it didn’t work and I am now waiting for a regular keyboard with a wire and I will either cover it with duct tape (it works but is quite unattractive) or use Bitter Apply per Joy’s suggestion.

I did a bit of knitting this weekend, but it’s Christmas knitting and I can’t show it. Irregular blog reader might accidentally check in. I also want to apologize for my inability to post pics. I have no pictures on this laptop. They are all on my big computer.

And, since it’s Monday and the beginning of a new week. I thought we might look deep in the music library and check out another oldie, but a goodie. One of my favorite Dylan tunes, “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”

Have a good one!

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5 Responses to Could you send some frost or freeze my way?

  1. Joy says:

    Woo! Sounds like quite an eventful weekend – good thing you had an extinguisher. The pizza sounds really tasty.

  2. emicat says:

    I was just reading another blog having some kitchen/fire issues. I’m glad the fire was contained… I always get so freaked out with mishaps in the kitchen.

    Your bread sounds delicious – hope you can post photos the next time you bake it!

    Have a great Monday.

  3. margene says:

    I love that song so much! Have you heard Nina Simone’s rendition? Fabulous!
    That is very frightening about the oven fire! I’ll bet that bread is good (sans flax seeds) and made the house smell warm and fall-like. Happy Monday…how’d that happen?

  4. Nora says:

    I’m glad the fire didn’t hurt your pizza!! All’s well that ends well…

  5. marianne says:

    Holy crap, I miss a day and you have an oven fire! I’m glad to hear it was contained and YES to the fire extinguishers!
    But of course I love Dylan and that’s also one of my all time faves.
    Mmmm, your bread sounds GOOD.
    Hope you get a good hard frost soon :^)
    (now I’ll hie me arse to your current post)

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