An onslaught of stresses……………

I feel a need to explain myself to you. As I said way long ago, my boss was in a bad car accident in June. He nearly died and suffered many small strokes during his recovery. He is still socially difficult (he doesn’t really interact well) and I don’t think he is capable of reading and comprehending. He has recovered the math skills for the most part, but actual understanding and analysis is probably gone forever. He lost his license and, to be honest, the only goal he has now is to regain his driver’s license. None of us think this will happen. We are praying it doesn’t. He was dangerous before the accident. He has gone as far as he can go in rehab, so now he comes into the office and we babysit him. Added stress when I’m trying to accomplish something, but he is also my friend so I need to be patient.

I have a Mom who has had small strokes and I am her primary caregiver. She has had a small failing this summer. Added stress. I need to be patient with her because I love her and she needs it, too.

Now, we have the added problem of a very young co-worker (age 36) who is suffering from liver disease and gastritis and heaven only knows what else. She is a sweet and kind soul. She would give you all of her money and have none for herself. She is self-destructive. And, I fear, she is in terrible trouble. We have lost her due to her health problems which, so far, have gone unabated. All her warning signs were ignored. All we can hope is that she can get the help she needs, and most of all, accept that help.

The economy and job losses have affected me although I know that I can do no more than I am doing now.

I have been struggling to find a place of peace in my heart and it has been mightily difficult for me. An onslaught of stresses and changes and I can’t fix any of it. This, my dears, is why I have been short and uninteresting, and for that I am sorry. I am getting there because I can actually tell you what has been going on. For me, that is a very good sign. I tend to let it roll around inside my heart and head until it makes sense or I can accept it. A coping mechanism that works for me. I have been knitting Christmassy stuff. I can’t show it because it would ruin it and that can’t happen. I’m slow as it is and if I show it and ruin it then I’d have to knit something else and I won’t make it in time. You know that’s true! Besides, I don’t have any pictures because I’m still on the laptop.

And, lest you worry about me and think I’m upset (I’m past that now. You can tell cause I can write about it;-), I’m leaving you with a song that I have to crank in the car and is causing mid-life deafness in me…… about Jethro Tull and “Locamotive Breath”. (lordy, I love me some perversion). Did I just say that?

Have a great one!!!!!

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8 Responses to An onslaught of stresses……………

  1. margene says:

    This is the best place to come and start my day…love the sound track and today’s is fabulous. When you said work was stressful I wondered if it was the bosses return. It helps to share what you’re going through. We do tend to take on the world problems and it’s hard when the world is camped on the doorstep. Take care of yourself, my friend. If you just want to rant and rave, give me a call.

  2. joyknits says:

    Hugs & prayers!!!

  3. emicat says:

    We all have things that we worry and stress about in our lives and the economy isn’t making it much better. I suppose that’s why I bought a sewing machine this weekend so that I can focus on something positive and to keep me busy instead of worrying about everything.

    I also kinda let things roll around inside my head for a little bit before I tell people anything. My boyfriend hates it because I won’t tell him what’s wrong until I’m ready to.

    Sending good vibes your way to share with your mom, boss and co-worker.

  4. marianne says:

    Oh mercy. Dear one, you do have more than a plate full in your life. Like you, by the time I’m able to talk/write about something I’m usually through the worst of it.
    Sending good/healing thoughts for your mom, boss and co-worker, and lots of hugs to you (plus you get those good/healing ones too)

    Huh? oh yeah, you did say that, I heard you say that :^)

  5. Cookie says:

    You are not alone. Not in the stress or in how you deal with it. Keeping it all in is so much easier at times, isn’t it? Getting it out is good for you and I am glad that you are getting to that point.

    Btw, sock knitting is quite good for stress knitting. Ask me how I know. ;^)


  6. Kathleen says:

    Ah, stress, thy name is ‘everyone!’ I understand your stresses… I have some similar ones and some different ones.

    Cookies knits socks. I knit mittens! šŸ™‚

    I am sending destressing vibes your way. Thanks for sharing them. I find it takes a little away from my stress when I share it with my friends.

  7. heideho says:

    I wish I could do something to help take some of the stress away from you. Your compassion and sweet nature make you who you are, but those same admirable traits also make you vulnerable for absorbing all of the troubles around you. You can’t take away the strokes, car wrecks or other maladies… those are out of your control. But please know that your smile and being there for those effected are just exactly perfect and just what everyone needs. Hugs to you & Mum and scritches to the critters.

  8. Nora says:

    I’m glad you felt ready to write about these things – and I hope it helps. I like Cookie’s suggestion – when in doubt, knit socks!


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