Hey! Get off of my cloud!

My job is a soap opera. The only difference is that in a soap opera the hair and clothes are way nicer and all the people have much whiter teeth than is natural. The dialog is just as inane. Seriously. We are now at the stage where we get the giggles (uncontrollable types) at strange times. We are poster children for insane silliness. We are coping with the weirdness of the boss and all his shenanigans. I feel for his children who are all middle aged now.

We are fine thanks.

I am thinking hard about a certain gift I’m knitting. The pattern is written in German. I studied French. It appears that although they related, they are not similar enough for me to understand. I will let it sit in time-out for a day or so and decide if I need to frog it and do something else.

Have you noticed how dark it is at 7:00 in the evening? By 6:45 p.m, the sun is pretty much done with us. I am well aware that fall is here. I get up at 5:30 A.M. and go out with the puppy. It is dark then. We are headed into the time of year that I have the most trouble with (remember, dangling is not grammatically incorrect anymore;-). I have resolved this year to not let it get me down. Sound too vague? I don’t know how else to approach it. Any ideas? I am a morning person by nature. I am relentlessly cheerful at 5:30 a.m. I’ve been threatened with certain death for being this cheerful. It’s the constant darkness that bothers me. Does that mean I need to get more sunlight? I may very well have SAD, but it’s probably more like a lack of vitamin D. I’m not real certain. If you have SAD, do you have to have those incredible expensive and otherwise useless light boxes? All of you in the Pacific Northwest? What do you do????

Still, no pictures. I am close to getting my big computer back, but right now it’s a time issue. I’m looking forward to having pictures again. So, until tomorrow, here’s the soundtrack of my day:

I always thought “Get off my cloud” was a little too pop for my tastes. Here you have “Paint it Black”. I love this song!!!! Have a good one!

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5 Responses to Hey! Get off of my cloud!

  1. margene says:

    I never met a Stones song I didn’t like đŸ˜‰ Look how young they are!!!!!!!
    I find the only way to make it through the winter is to gt into the sun when it’s out, be out doors and let the beauty of nature sink in. Lots of tea and friends around helps, too.

  2. marianne says:

    I once worked in an inside office, took a full spectrum light with me, it helped a little. maybe more.
    Hey hey, I’m with Margene on the ‘never met a Stones song I didn’t like’ :^)
    Mercy, me darlin’ da was one of those ‘relentlessly cheerful’ beings early EARLY in the morning. Apparently he loved me enough to show the softer version when dealing with me that early BUT he did successfully turn me on to the Beauty that is early morning and knew I’d love the ‘peace and quiet and freshness’ of the time to help ease me into the day…. something I practice every day. and thank him for (hee to the dangling).
    Try and catch the sun whenever you can.

  3. emicat says:

    The days are getting shorter and the leaves changing. There are moments during this season where I feel that I do have SAD, but I wouldn’t go and get those light box things. I work through it by enjoying and appreciating the days that are nice and making sure I do something outside. I also just try to find things to do that are enjoyable to me so that I don’t sink into murkydom…I also just see those darker days as a super-extended PMS and know that in time I’ll feel better ;P

  4. olga says:

    I know what you mean about losing the light. I usually took the dog out for a walk at 7:oopm and now its too dark. I need to get off my butt and do it at noon. I DREAD the darkness coming.

  5. Annie says:

    I learned to knit in German. I’d be happy to translate the pattern for you.

    I am very happy to have a south facing living room, with two large windows and a patio door facing east. It really does wonders in the winter to have that sun streaming in. Not only for my mood, but for the passive solar heating!

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