Another lesson learned, but not stuck

Grover came to choir last night. I forgot my camera. I took a couple of pictures of him with my camera phone in front of the altar laying there with a sweetheart little 10 year old who fell madly in love with the boy. I don’t know how to download them to the computer. I’ll work on that as soon as I can get my big ‘puter connected to a working keyboard again.

I was very careful with Grover when we walked into the sanctuary. The minute I did not have the leash he went and marked the baptismal font. I did remember to bring cleaning supplies, but by the time I caught him it was too late. He was the hit of the rehearsal. Everybody thought he was the bestest boy. He never barked. He loved everybody. He behaved like a perfect gentleman (that marks his territory with pee). He made me proud and came home exhausted. I came home exhausted, too;-) Plus, the added bonus that he will be a legend because he marked the baptismal font. I’m sorry if that offends you, but the lady that requested his presence laughed and laughed. She is a retired chaplain and her daughter was our last pastor. When she saw what he had done, she howled and said she was going to enjoy telling her daughter about this.

No knitting to show today, either. I’m not going to Rhinebeck, but think it sounds wonderful. If you are going, and you know who you are, I’m hoping you are starting think about packing. I think it starts in about a week. You luckies!

Since I still have no pictures and I have perfected dull this morning, I will leave you with a rather strange video with music by Mott the Hoople, “All the Way to Memphis”:

Have a good one!

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6 Responses to Another lesson learned, but not stuck

  1. margene says:

    I would have loved to been a fly on the wall. How could Grover be anything but a wonderful guest? He must have been in seventh heaven. šŸ˜‰

  2. marianne says:

    All I can say is… that is one fabulous church you attend, meaning the people make it what it is. I’ve always found it interesting watching folks meeting/responding to big dogs, very telling in my book. I’d love to hang with Grover.
    I rather liked the video… the flashes of colours were a bit distracting but what a lot of visual info crammed into those 3+ minutes!

  3. heideho says:

    Grover is amazing! If baptisms at your church are anything like they are in other places then my guess is that this isn’t the first time urine has been present (babies, small children, etc. often pee once the water hits them). Grover might have figured that this was the thing to do because it was already scented… although he may have been the first doggy to do so. Glad you all had fun. Besides, if God doesn’t have a sense of humor then why do we look so funny naked?

  4. emicat says:

    Glad to hear Grover and everyone had a great time with his visit. Dogs can be selective in their terroritoes, so your church should feel happy to have such a great dog that wanted that spot šŸ™‚ Great to see everyone with a great sense of humour about the situation though.

    Hope to see some Grover at church photos.

  5. No offense here. That is one of the funniest true stories I’ve heard in a while, LOL! My mom will get a kick out of it too I’m sure. This last week one of the larger churches in town had their annual blessing of animal services. I’m sure they’ve experienced similar events.

  6. joyknits says:

    Oh dear, what a hoot! I love Margene’s idea of being a fly on the wall šŸ˜‰

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