Another random Wednesday? Whoa, how’d that happen?

I seem to be mislaying my days.  I get them out first thing in the morning and by mid-morning they’ve slipped under a cushion or fallen down next to a chair or who knows.  I can manage my weekend days, but the week days are a different story altogether.  They are stubborn and have cowlicks.  The weekends are well behaved and beautifully coiffed.  And, can anyone tell me how I got here?

Oh, that’s right.  It’s Random Wednesday.  Is everyone doing well?  I am doing just fine and dandy right now.  I have found that looking closely at each pimple in life is not productive or helpful.  Each day is a gift.  It may not be what I asked Santa for.  It may be a package of underwear.  It may be broken glass, but it is a gift and this is a journey.  My journey (and, I’ll bet yours too) is a winding road that often goes in circles until I can figure out what I screwed up or neglected to see.  I’m not waxing poetic or anything.  I’m really just stating (overandoverandover again) my philosophy.  There are alot of things in flux right now.  My church is going a direction with which I do not agree.  If the move continues or escalates, I’ll be unhappy and making changes in that part of my life.  My Mom’s Alzheimer’s is another part of the journey and sometimes it feels like somebody is putting stop strips in the road, but then other times it feels like the road is a cloud.  Then, there’s the job/economy.  It is what it is and it is not solid.  It is still there and I’m still gainfully employed, but spring is a far far away time right now for my company.  Basically, it’s the journey not the destination and it has never been brought home more fully than right now.  I’m not tied up in knots with worry.  I’m processing as I go and that’s all any of us can do.

We are without pretty flowers.  It froze Monday night and it has been mighty chilly, but pretty, so I can’t really complain.  By Halloween, the temperatures will moderate and it will be in the 60’s.

The marigolds from the garden on Sunday.  These will have to last me until spring.  I can handle it.  With maybe a little whining.  Check with me in February.

Yesterday, I gave you Delaney & Bonnie & Friends.  Today, I give you Bonnie Raitt and “Runaway”.  Obviously (and I state this too often), I love my soundtrack of the day.  Each and every one, but some more than others.  This one brings back some lovely memories.  Enjoy and have a good one!

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4 Responses to Another random Wednesday? Whoa, how’d that happen?

  1. margene says:

    I adore Bonnie! The reason I bury my nose in my knitting (and get so much done) is denial about the world around me. I can enjoy each moment…talking with friends, having breakfast with Smith, walking the dog…it’s the simple things that make a life good.

  2. heideho says:

    Big hugs to you on this random Wednesday. You are one of the bravest and most patient people I know. I love starting each workday by reading your entries and listening to your soundtracks.

  3. marianne says:

    You are always so spot on, be it your philosophy (and your voicing of which I agree with and always delighted to ‘hear’), your daily tunes (loves me some Bonnie!) and re: the week days, “they are stubborn and have cowlicks” (that one had me howling), anyway, I thank you.

  4. joyknits says:

    “weekdays … are stubborn and have cowlicks” is right on – very well- said! Flowers are gone here too – we’ll just have to turn some of our photos into screen savers to get through the winter. Hang in there!

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