Ten on Tuesday-Knitting Patterns Edition “A”

First.  Go vote.  I was out walking the pup this morning at 5:45 a.m and my neighbors walked by heading for the polls.  We cheered each other on and I thought how rare this particular election is.  It may be inconvenient, but if you don’t vote, don’t bitch.   This promises to be a bit of work, but I’m gonna list the ten patterns I want to knit, soon.  Again, no particular order because, as usual, that would signify an organized brain.

1.  Bonne’s Twist cardigan- I don’t own this pattern (yet)

2.  Bonne’s Ribby Cardi– I have this one, but had to rip my original project out because I misread the pattern and refused to admit it for about 7″ more.  It has been in a time out since.

3.  Susan’s Forest Canopy shawl – I just got this and haven’t been able to cast on due to a conflict with a current WIP.  PurpePi.

4.  Mim’s  Eleanor socks – I have this pattern and the yarn and never get around to it.  And, the sock thing has kinda lost it’s glow.

5.  Mim’s Icarus shawl – Just because I’m one of 3 people in blogland that have not knit this and I love all the ones I’ve seen.

6.  Mim’s Serpentine mitts – They just look comfy and like they would fit well.

7.  Anne Hanson’s Bee Field shawl – I have the kit (the golden yellow) and, I looked at the pattern and when I noticed it was at least 8 pages long my eyes glazed over and I gently put it away until I could focus just a tad.

8.  Anne Hanson’s Wing o’ the Moth shawl – I have this pattern, too, but became intimidated and put it away.

9.  ………………………………….

I have a queue that is 6 pages long in Ravelry.  I do not believe I will live long enough to knit all that I wish.  But, I intend to try.  I honestly can’t pick 10 patterns.  I have too many wants.  I’ll bet I’m not alone in this either, am I?

And, because we need our soundtrack today.  Here’s Blind Faith (again) with “Had to Cry Today”.  Can anybody understand Stevie here??????

Have a good one!

P.S. Thank you all for your virtual hugs and good thoughts yesterday.  I tried to go to the visitation/wake last night.  The funeral home is across the street from our church.  As I turned the corner to go to the funeral home I was greeted by floodlights on a Garrison flag hanging from fire trucks right in front.  Politics aside, WTF is the American flag doing at Mike’s visitation?  There were police/fire persons everywhere.  Traffic was a nightmare and I couldn’t even get close to the funeral home.  I was unable to park in our church parking lot because it was full.  I suppose it’s the way the police/fire pull in to support their own.  But, I knew Mike and his entire family.  The police persons from out of state and out state do not know them and I resent the fact that they made it impossible for me to pay my respects.  I know that the police/fire persons feel we don’t understand them or truly care for them, but when they do this kind of stuff how can we show our concern, compassion and caring?  I’m sorry.  I’m ranting because I’m pissed.  I’ll get over it.  Carry on and have a great day.

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7 Responses to Ten on Tuesday-Knitting Patterns Edition “A”

  1. margene says:

    Just sent Smith off to work the polls. It will be an interesting day or two (please don’t let it go on from there). The police to (over) react when one of their own is lost in the line of duty. They see themselves and come out to support in droves. I’m sorry you were unable to go to the visitation.
    The list of knits is a good one. You’ll enjoy each and everyone when you’re ready to start.

  2. heideho says:

    I too am sorry that you didn’t get to say a private goodbye to Mike. Maybe you will be able to visit his family after everything has settled down. That visit would probably be much more healing for both you and them.

    I’m overwhelmed with your knitting queue. My own knitting sits neglected. I’ve a 3″ 3 ring binder full of patterns that will probably never see the light of day.

    Hugs to you and Mum.

  3. Joy says:

    What an interesting knitting queue – that should keep you busy for the forseeable future. I’m another who’s never done Icarus.

    Sorry you couldn’t make it in to the visitation! Hugs!

  4. Annie says:

    I somehow missed yesterday’s post. My condolences, and I’m sorry you couldn’t get to the visitation.

  5. marianne says:

    RE: Icarus, I guess I’m #3. (you being #1, Joy being #2)
    So sorry about the clusterf**k at the church. I can understand their support but for heaven’s sake, there should be more respect to those who knew him and his family personally.
    Yep, that’s quite the queue. A lot of which are on my ‘list’ too.
    I can safely say that ‘once upon a time’ I understood Stevie perfectly well, but then I was also tripping my head off. Just goes to show you,eh?
    Hugs Dear One.

  6. Emiko says:

    So sorry to hear that you couldn’t make it to your friend’s wake due to the madness outside. That bites…

    I voted and got my free Starbucks coffee this morning too. Had to come by and comment later (amazingly I was able to visit your blog at work – yippee) because something was wrong with our connection at home.

    Anyway, now it’s the waiting game to see what the results will be. I’ll go to sleep cranky or a happy gal 🙂

  7. Julie says:

    That makes me #4 on the list of folks who haven’t done Icarus. I have the Eleanor socks pattern, too. And I thought my Ravelry queue was long! It’s 4 pages.

    I’m sorry about that visitation fiasco. Makes you wonder how the family felt about the crowd.

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