Oh, yes. It’s Monday

Good morning.  It’s Monday and this is a three day week for me!  I’m thrilled.  I even got the grass cut (it was over 6″ long) and the lawn mower emptied out and put away for the winter.  Oh, yippee.  One more thing off the list.  No raking done, but the leaves on the grass are mulch.

So, because A.  I’m tired and B. I’m without knitting content because I’m still working on stealth Christmas gifts (that are very close to completion), I will give you the soundtrack of this day and let you move on to more interesting blogs.

Traffic once again.  This time with “John Barleycorn”*

Have a good one!

*You knew I’d do this one, didn’t you Marianne?

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5 Responses to Oh, yes. It’s Monday

  1. margene says:

    Another favorite tune!! It’s a three day week for me, too. And best of all IT’S A THREE DAY WEEK FOR SMITH WHO HAS A JOB!

  2. heideho says:

    We have a TWO day week. I’d love to stay home and sleep off the sinus infection, but I don’t get sick leave so I’m going in. Our leaves are still a slimy, icky mess in the front yard. With any luck they’ll kill the grass and I’ll never have to mow again.

  3. emicat says:

    I would’ve had a two day workweek, but had to take away my Tuesday off and use it. But I’ll still take the 3 day workweek!!!

    Still chugging away on hat #2 – hope that have that done by tomorrow night so that I can CO for #3!

  4. marianne says:

    Yes, I knew that eventually you’d put this tune up, it’s another one of those ‘you can hear the nickel drop’ /’open and pass through the door into a memory realm’ tune,eh?
    YAY for you getting that yard taken care of and tucked away for the Winter. Still haven’t addressed Mom’s yard and today mine is calling my name, I’m in desperate need of some ear plugs :^)
    I’m telling you, there are definite advantages to living farther north.
    I’m arse deep in holiday stealth knitting also.
    Happy Monday to you and Happy 3 day work week to you also!
    (twofer?) XOX

  5. Annie says:

    I didn’t get any raking done either. Oh darn! I did get a nap in though, that was hard work.

    Three cheers for three day work weeks!!!

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