It’s Friday again. Quick call an ironworker and get me a pail of water.

It’s officially FRIDAY again. I’m so happy. This week (although it has only been five days long) feels like about 7 or 8 days of work and “stuff”. I have absolutely no Christmas shopping done. The car needs an oil change, but I did get the tree up on Wednesday night and last night we put on the ornaments.  Two days and the tree is done!  Efficiency and organization.  Don’t come to me for that crap.  Ain’t happenin’.  I also need to do some shopping for my Mom and do the grocery shopping.  Where the hell does the time go?  Seriously.  I’m perplexed.

My Christmas knitting is complete for the time being.  I have found an absolute “must” for my Peanut, but this will have to wait.  I need to buy the pattern and find just the right yarn.  You know.  Nothing in the stash will do;–)  I also want to do something special for my BSIL, but that will have to wait as well.

So, what are your plans for the weekend?  As you can tell, mine are pretty heavy on the running thing.  Not much at home, so tonight I will do laundry and vacuum and “stuff” and tomorrow hit the floor running.  I will have to stop around 1:00 so that I can spend some time with my family, who I invited for supper.  I do that sort of stuff all the time.  If you can’t celebrate life, why bother at all?  And, we’re just having Slow Cooker Lasagna.  It’s a Southern Living recipe and I love it.  We’ll have rice lasagna since I can’t eat wheat, but the recipe is embarrassingly easy and tastes fabulous.  No sweat and good food, drink and company.  Doesn’t get better than that!

And, to send you on your way, Spike Jones………..”Clink Clink Another Drink”, an exercise in extreme silliness.

Have a good one!

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7 Responses to It’s Friday again. Quick call an ironworker and get me a pail of water.

  1. margene says:

    My mother loved Spike Jones! It’s the running time of year and we can’t seem to stop. I need to find a few decorations to put up and make the house festive. Hope you take some time to relax and enjoy your weekend my friend.

  2. joyknits says:

    Lots of running on tap here too – just seems to happen that way, doesn’t it, no matter how much you try to work ahead. Hope you get at least a few small breaks – have a good weekend!

  3. emicat says:

    I thought I was ahead of things earlier this month, but all of a sudden, I’m feeling the “where did the time go?” too. I’ve finished knitting the hats and now want to add a few more to the list, but not sure if I’d make it, so I better think about this well.

    My weekend will depend on how our weather will be. There’s a big winter storm coming in and we might be seeing some snow this afternoon. If that’s the case, I’ll be sitting by the fire knitting and drinking coffee 🙂

    Your slow cooker lasagna sounds awesome! Have a wonderful dinner with the fam and have a great weekend!

  4. Carol says:

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday!

  5. Annie says:

    No big plans for the weekend. I have a sock to finish so I can get them in the mail on time. Look at you, your Christmas knitting done, and Christmas still two weeks away!

  6. Sophanne says:

    cindy, the dog backpack is for a large dog! It is ginormous on Liza. I would love to send one to Grover as he is one of my favorite blog dogs. I couldn’t post about the size because my Mom reads the blog-send me your address.


  7. marianne says:

    I hope your running is over for the weekend, I’m hoping you’re having a nice relaxing day today (sadly and alas, not Friday but Sunday).
    Love the snow falling on your page.
    Heee, a backpack for Grover! Can’t wait to see and hear about it, what will you pack for him? Doggy crunchie munchies? :^D

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