It’s Furrreyeday!!!!

I know. I’m stretching this way past creativity and into just plain silliness. But, as usual, I have no pride and I don’t care.
Today is the final work day for this work week of this first work week of the new year. Cumbersome sentence you say? Why, yes, it is. Thank you for noticing. It’s just really really hard to be profound when you have made the same announcement for at least 13 weeks.  And the soundtrack?  I’ve been doing that for 103 posts.  I have a feeling I have repeated, but once again, I don’t care.

dsc00199And, this obscure unidentified photograph?  Further proof that I should just sit down and draw the scene.  I looked at it and realized that it’s storm damage, but I don’t know where and don’t recognize the area or scene.  The tarp in the back is covering a roof that was trashed, but beyond that, no bloody idea.  I would get upset, but when you spend most of your life clueless, you learn not to sweat the important things like labeling pictures accurately or finding your car in a parking lot.  I used to be such a control freak and now, I have finally realized that control is about the last thing I have in this life.

dsc00292Now, here is the picture I was looking for.  A 4 year old picture of the “Queen”, Esau Marie.  Adorable?  Well, she was just a “Princess” at the time.  Boo Boo was the “Queen”.  I saved so much money with coupons at the grocery store last week that I invested in quotation marks.  You can never have too many of them, can you?  I expect a sale on exclamation points soon.  January is such a great grammar sale month.  Anyway, that picture is the Furreyeday reference about 3/4 of the post too late;–)

My soundtrack for the day?  45 years ago in January, a band from Liverpool was taking this (cough cough ) child and country by storm.  Here is a live version of “I Saw Her Standing There”  and my eternal question…….why pay money to hear a band and scream the entire time?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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11 Responses to It’s Furrreyeday!!!!

  1. Nora says:

    😉 Such a cute kitty. I never understood that screaming thing, either. Maybe we’re all just jaded?

  2. margene says:

    We were never THERE. I’ll bet we would have screamed. On TV it was just annoying. Grrl, I loved those boys, at least until the Stones came along. I pretty sure you have no repeats in your sound track. Esau Marie is a “Princess” of a “Queen”.

  3. joyknits says:

    HRH Esau Marie was adorable then as now 🙂 Gotta love those mystery photos – at least there’s greenery in it, unlike the current view!

  4. heideho says:

    Cindy you are absolutely hilarious! Ditto on the screaming issue… that ruins it for everyone else too. Esau Marie is simply adorable. Yikes on the storm damage. The girls and I watched a movie called, “Across the Universe” courtesy of Netflix. It’s a musical based on nothing but Beattles’ songs. We had a blast, my husband hid (he wasn’t a fan). Happy Friday to you too.

    p.s. When you buy a vowel on Wheel of Fortune you don’t just get one of them. You get every durned a-e-i-o- or u in the puzzle. So why shouldn’t you be able to buy one exclaimation point and use it to your heart’s content? Just sayin’.

  5. Emiko says:

    Happy furreyeday to you too! It’s weird when you come across photos on your camera’s memory card and don’t have a clue what or where it was taken.
    Maybe someone borrowed it for insurance purposes?

    This week was pretty tough for me, being the first full week back to work, my boyfriend away on business and me home alone and work being really crappily busy. But today’s friday and I’m ready to welcome my boyfriend home later today and to enjoy the weekend.

    And even better… no rain today w00h00!

  6. marianne says:

    HAHAH! I giggled and snorted, cackled and hooted throughout this post. You are SUCH a delight!
    Exclamation points? I still have plenty, drop by and get as many as your heart desires. I still ‘lose’ my car in a parking lot.
    Personally? IMHO? I’m thinking it was the praying mantis you were capturing in photo :^)
    I didn’t ‘get’ the screaming bit either. I just wanted to hear and see. I mean, you can scream all you want in between the tunes, eh? XOX

  7. Cookie says:

    Happy Furrreyeday to you, too. Always nice to see a young queen before she has taken the throne.

    I still love them. Although, in my mind, they haven’t changed a bit, are all still alive and getting along famously. It’s denial but it’s mine.


  8. Annie says:

    I saw a band (NGDB) at a dance hall, close to the stage, and the woman in front of me was screaming her fool head off. You know it is annoying when a band member actually asks you to please stop screaming. Unfortunately it didn’t stop her, and you could see him cringe every time she screamed.

    I knew January was famous for white sales, I didn’t realize it was also time to stock up on punctuation for the year. The things you learn reading blogs.

  9. Judy J says:

    Well, I see a huge praying mantis in the back yard picture! right on the window sill. Maybe that’s why you took the picture?

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