They shoot horses, don’t they?

I would love to tell you all that I spent this weekend organizing my ufo’s and finishing sweaters. Not gonna happen. I changed beds and did laundry. I cleaned and knit a tiny bit and then picked my car up from the garage (I had left it there overnight for a gas leakage problem), came home and fixed dinner. Then, I knit a bit longer and helped Mom with a shower. Sat down with a glass of wine and took my shower and went to bed.  Sunday, other than church and a quick trip to Walgreens with Mom it was pretty much the same.  Yup.  My life is exciting.

I’m not really complaining, but I feel I missed out on the gene for organization and neatness.  My Mom has it.  Even now.  But. I. do. not. have. it.  It has been a real humbling experience for me to realize that I was given a short neck, short legs and no organizational abilities.  I think my sense of humor is genetic, but when I’m complaining I don’t look at the bright side, so forget it.  I compensate by not even trying.  Early on I tried the Flylady cleaning system, but just because the sink is clean does not mean there isn’t a pile of confusion next to it.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a pig.  I am inefficient and am no longer living in denial believing that I am well ordered.

To my credit, the house looks better than it did, but I’m still working on it.  Slowly.  Very very slowly.  So, if you come by, please just remember that I’m a nice person and liquor is available.

I knit quite a bit on some fingerless mitts for my dear friend Max’s birthday Sunday.  I got one done and am working on the other one, so obviously they’re a tad late.  I’ll get a picture as soon as I have a bit of light.  He’s not getting them until they’re both completed and I get a picture.  (new rule, no gifting without pix).

My soundtrack for this Monday morning?  Lovin’ Spoonful and “Daydream”.  The title reference is almost half way through the video.  Too weird.

Have a good one!

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9 Responses to They shoot horses, don’t they?

  1. margene says:

    John Sebastian is so cute.
    I was shorted on the organizing gene, too. My mom didn’t have it and maybe it just isn’t even part of our family DNA. It’s just fine with me. The rooms I don’t live in look great!

  2. heideho says:

    There’s a gene for that? Obviously I don’t have one. It sounds like you were busy, busy, busy. That’s good, the everyday moments and routines are what we need to treasure (total hypocrisy here as I bemoan my kids’ rooms, etc.). Hope you have a delightful Monday Sweetie!

  3. marianne says:

    That IS odd/weird.

    I used to have fairly decent organizational skilz, might’ve gotten it from me dear old da, or… wait a minute… mom doesn’t do too badly… ok… mine is just the ‘fairly decent’ gene.
    I might add there’s a world of difference between ‘clutter’ and ‘filth’ and my impression? ‘filth’ has nothing to do with you. or your home. Besides, I learned long ago, a bit of clutter is quite fascinating, and I don’t judge sooooooo there.
    Happy Monday to YOU!

  4. Nora says:

    I got a good giggle out of the “liquor is available” quip.

    My friend has a magnet that says “A clean house is a sign of an uninteresting mind.”


  5. Joy says:

    I know what you mean – I do better at setting up organizational things than I do following through with them. Trouble with putting things away is that then I can never find them 😦

  6. Emiko says:

    I definitely inherited the unorganized, cluttery gene from my mother. But you to do than to spend our free time picking up.

    We pick up when it needs to be picked up, and that’s all that matters 🙂

    I like the magnet saying that Nora posted before me about a clean house being a sign of an uninteresting mind. See, we’re interesting (yeah, I’ll try to convince myself of that, LOL)

    Have a good monday dear!

  7. Cookie says:

    I think that gene can skip a generation. That would explain how different my mother and I are. Don’t let it worry, honey. We all have different gifts. xo

  8. Annie says:

    Dang it, I want to be close enough to come by!

    I try to be organized. I really do. Doesn’t work though.

    I also tried the Flylady, but all those e-mails drove me bonkers. I spent all my time deleting her e-mails. But you know, I might just go find 20 things to throw away, in remembrance.

  9. lol I always picture your home as somewhere I can “drop by with yarn in hand” and sit comfortably and knit in liesure. The “liquor is available” comment only makes me feel more comfortable. It was only in the last few years that I came to terms with what I thought “Mom thought was clean” and what she really thought was clean. Turns out she is more laid back than I remembered from childhood. lol Turns out, I’m more like her than I thought (or wanted as a child. As an adult, I’m ok with it.) If you were here, Tucker would give you a big ole kiss of welcome and I’m sure if I arrived, I’d get one from our big boy. Lifes been hectic here, so I’m sorry I missed the holidays with you. I’m hoping to make up for that soon. Enjoy the time you have, wether it’s organizing, talking to Mum, knitting, spinning, or whatever. Think of you often, even when I’m not online. 😉 Hugs to all

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