Unprepared, but ranting

Are you ready for the digital t.v. conversion on February 17th?  Partly.  I’m just wondering how many middle class people aren’t prepared.  I know the poor, elderly and rural Missourians aren’t prepared at all.   There’s no money left in the fund, so you’ll have to either get a card from a friend or pay full price.  Well, $60 is alot of money to somebody who’s eating dog or cat food and trying to heat their home as well as buy medicine.  Sometimes bureaucratic insensitivity and stupidity are more than I can handle.  End of rant.

No knitting to show today.  I’m running behind (again).

So, I’ll leave you with my soundtrack of the day.  Not one of my favorites musically, but most certainly the lyrics are……..John Lennon and “Imagine”

Have a good one!!!

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6 Responses to Unprepared, but ranting

  1. margene says:

    We wouldn’t be ready if we didn’t have cable. I still miss John Lennon and all he could have been…sigh.

  2. heideho says:

    It sure seems like the money and effort spent coordinating, advertising and implementing the switch could be better spent. Ditto to everything you said. You are wise.

  3. Emiko says:

    My boyfriend and I were discussing this the other day. I know many people who got the coupons and don’t even need them and now people who waited too long to get them are now SOL. They should have done it on an application-type “show proof that you need assistance” basis so that those that really can’t afford it can get the converter. If the gov’t didn’t issue the coupons, those converters probably would’ve been much cheaper than the prices they’re going for too. But, enough ranting on my part, eh?

  4. Nora says:

    What heidiho said. Has anyone noticed that we’re in the midst of an economic crisis, and the federal government has concerned itself with how we watch teevee??


  5. marianne says:

    ditto on all the comments re: converters, thus far.
    I heard Obama was making sounds to extend that deadline.

    I love that song. You’re spot on with the ‘music’ part, likewise the lyrics. one of my ALL time favourites.
    I miss John. I miss George.
    I’ve also missed you the past couple of days :^)

  6. Annie says:

    Everybody else said exactly what I was going to say, so I’ll be lame and just say,”I agree.” $60.00 doesn’t buy a lot of propane (heat) these days either.

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