And, the party was a success

The Unbirthday Party was successful. By the time we got to the actual party time, I was exhausted. Still, it was very enjoyable. David and BB had fabulous story telling times and discussions about film (not movies, but “film”). BSIL and Peanut took me to Knitorious and I bought ONE, only one skein of yarn. I will share that with you soon. It is Arucania Ranco in a very subtle shade of BRIGHT RED! And, Peanut got some gorgeous laceweight yarn from an Etsy shop in London(she didn’t say which one ).  I baked a cake, but refused to take a picture because it looked like hell, but tasted good.  That’s what happens when you decorate a cake in 45 seconds.  My so-called secret with vanilla cake mixes is to add good quality vanilla to the mix.  Makes it taste really fresh.

000_00013So, my trip down memory lane today is my Koolhaas hat.  This is an amazing hat to knit.  Easy, but interesting.  And, my Mother adores it.  She has worn it to bed when it has been bitterly cold.   I am currently working on birthday fingerless mitts for my dear friend Max.  I have one completed and am over halfway done with the other one.  It’s an easy pattern and I will link it when I have the (as Margene says) photoshoot.  It’s getting close, so I can go back to my sweater.

And, since today is Monday.  Where did the weekend go exactly?  I must have a booming exciting soundtrack today to get my butt out of the house………..

If this doesn’t get you movin’ then “rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham” there is absolutely no hope for you!

Rod Stewart and Faces with “Stay with Me”

Have a good Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8 Responses to And, the party was a success

  1. sophanne says:

    Very subtle shade of bright red- my first laugh of the morning

  2. margene says:

    You sound less stressed. Maybe it was the party or the skein of yarn (one skein can work wonders), but your voice sounds good. Loved Rod way back then.

  3. marianne says:

    Yay on all the successes! My cakes are never pretty, neither are my pies. I’m happy to be in such good company :^)
    Yes, one skein of yarn CAN work wonders…. ‘subtle shade of bright red’ had me snorting. Mmmm, red.
    Koolhaas is GORgeous… mmm blues.
    Happy Monday to YOU!!!

  4. joyknits says:

    “Subtle shade of bright red” sounds like my kind of yarn 😉 Glad the party went well, and a trip to Knitorious is always good for you!

  5. Emiko says:

    subtle shade of bright red cracked me up too 🙂

    cake is always delicious (even fake, inedible felt ones, hehehe) 😉

    Glad to hear the unbirthday was a blast.

    Is it Friday yet???? ;P

  6. heideho says:

    Sorry I missed the party, it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to see your new Subtle Bright Red yarn. I’ve never made a Koolhaus before, but it looks complicated. Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday. Here’s a nice warm hug for you!

  7. Peanut says:

    You forgot to mention that I had NO IDEA it was an unbirthday party. (Thanks again for the vanilla. I have to make cookies this week now because of you 😛 )

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