Forsooth! ‘Tis Friday! Let us be joyous!

Forsooth has always made me giggle. Sophomoric behavior is mine, forsooth. snort. Yet, ’tis Friday and we must rejoice!

OK, already.  So I hope you are warm and snuggy and ready to face the weekend with aplomb.  I love that word, too.  I find that it can be ubiquitous in my writings.  Or, quixotic.  Whatever you please.  Sometimes it’s just the sound and not the definition;-)  I have had a love for words for most of my life.  The written word brings me great joy and the well-spoken word (which includes music) makes my heart sing.

I promised you a picture of the Infinity Wrap “so far”.  Well, folk, here it is…………………….

012109pix-001Unblocked and unsewn, but still, it makes me smile.  I’m working on number two in a series of five. Obviously, I’m not as fast as Joan.  I think I’m not as focused as Joan, either.  Still, I am enjoying this bit of crochet.

I also promised you a picture of my “subtle shade of red” yarn.  Here she goes………………….

012109pix-007Yes, it is a bit vibrant, isn’t it?  I will wait to tell you what this yarn is destined to be.  I need to get to the point where I can start before I share that with you.  I’m afraid I’ll break the spell if I speak too much.

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend filled with those you love and things you love and love to do.

My soundtrack for the day is thusly;-)

Jethro Tull and ” Bouree”.  Have a good one!!!!

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8 Responses to Forsooth! ‘Tis Friday! Let us be joyous!

  1. marianne says:

    Your Infinity is gorgeous, hurry, sew and block! and wait… you’re making 5?!?!?!? and didn’t that crochet up fast? mercy. yummy colours.
    Happy Weekend to you!

  2. marianne says:

    Yes, that red is VIBRANT!

  3. margene says:

    You’ve quite a puckish sense of humor today! Jethro Tull takes me right back to 1967-68 and hanging out with my cousin who introduced there music to me. Wow…trippy man.

  4. Emiko says:

    Hehe the dictionary is my friend – I had to look up forsooth 😉 I’m gonna have to throw that in my conversation sometime today.

    Now that’s a cool looking wrap in progress! I’ve been making felt cakes and have left my knitting collecting dust, so I better work on that a little this weekend. Gotta give all my crafts a little lovin so that they don’t feel left out 🙂

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend my dear!!!

  5. heideho says:

    I love the inifinity wrap, it makes me want to crochet. Unfortunately for me that particular activity makes my hands hurt. That red yarn is fabulous! What weight is it? You may have said, but I’m a bit slow today.

  6. Annie says:

    Love the wrap. Have a good weekend!

  7. joyknits says:

    Did you swallow a Thesaurus? 😉 Words are fun, aren’t they!

    Maybe we’re both in our red phase. I just wish I could get my photos to look like the same color as the yarn. Have a great weekend.

  8. sophanne says:

    forsooth- snort- Jethro Tull all in the same blogpost It’s why I love you so.

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