And, now, for your viewing pleasure, Mr. Ogden Nash…………………………..

“Your hair may be brushed, but your mind’s untidy,
You’ve had about seven hours’ sleep since Friday,
No wonder you feel that lost sensation;
You’re sunk from a riot of relaxation.”
Ogden Nash (1902–1971), U.S. poet. We’ll All Feel Better By Wednesday, Versus (1949).

Amen.  HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!  And, thank you to for the quote.  I love the name of the poem.  I vaguely remember those days.

It is still February and the days are still dark, but when the pup and I go out at 5:30 a.m. the sky is starting to lighten just a bit.  What I love about this is that I can watch the days lengthen from the start to the finish.  Then, on March 8th (thank you again,  Margene!) we all lose an hour of sleep and I walk the dog in the pitch black darkness of pre-dawn.  BUT!  I can go outside after dinner and not stand in the darkness.  It just takes a bit of adjustment, ya know?  In fact, Spring is harder on me than the Fall change.  But, I’ll make it;-)

Now.  Knitting.  Right.  I’m still working on Frannie’s gift.  It’s moving along, but I haven’t had much time to work on it.  Last night I did the vacuuming and stuff so I didn’t have much time to knit and none to spin.  I am determined to go back to my spinning this weekend.  Adamant!  Determined!  Single-minded!  End of discussion!


It’s fuzzy because I took it through the window.  Isn’t he a pretty bird?  I feed them because I get such great joy  from them.  And, Mom adores them.  It’s been a tough winter because usually the cardinals will just ignore millet and go for the good stuff, but this year, pretty much anything is good.

So, to get you off on a festive note.  It’s Mardi Gras weekend and we all need to dance on Friday!!  Here are Sly and the Family Stone and “Dance to the Music” (all you squares get out!)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to And, now, for your viewing pleasure, Mr. Ogden Nash…………………………..

  1. margene says:

    Look how bright red the bird is! He’s in full spring plumage! The light at the end of the day is worth a week of sleepiness. I can’t wait for the change. Thanks for ending my week on a high note with Sly!

  2. joyknits says:

    Pretty cardinal! Our feeders aren’t quite close enough for easy photo-ops. but the cats certainly enjoy the view from the windowsill. I always liked Ogden Nash 🙂

  3. heideho says:

    Gorgeous bird! We don’t have cardinals out here. That quote pretty much sums up my life right about now… perfect. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Annie says:

    Making spinning a weekend priority sounds good to me! Have a good one!

  5. Emiko says:

    Great pic of the cardinal! Looks like they’re also feeling the effects of the economy and eatin what they’re gettin eh? I had a bird feeder at my old place, but the squirrels got to it more so than the birds 🙂

    My sis bought me a last-minute ticket to accompany her to the Lion King musical, so that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Should be great! Plus, I hope to CO for my first ever cardi… yikes!

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

  6. marianne says:

    I just love a woman on a Mission! (dancing, knitting, spinning!)
    Yes, love the cardinals, we have them year round and they seem to really love our back yard.
    The Spring forward thing is hard on me also, I’m quite happy seeing a bit of light in the early morning hours and then poof, gone again, for awhile. meh.
    Great tune and yep, up dancin’.
    Happy Friday and Weekend to YOU!!!

  7. sophanne says:

    March 8? Seriously? I’m just now starting to get up on time with the light in the morning. Aargh.

    Your bird pic is inspiring. We have several lovely cardinals and jays waiting for spring to arrive- I must try to capture them in digits.

    Hooray for the weekend!

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