Planning is the easy part

With huge spans of dull at work, I have had plenty of time to peruse Ravlery and the patterns and favorites and all kinds of stuff. It’s a time suck for me when I need a time suck. They frown at knitting at your desk around here. Go figure!  Anyway, I have found so many lovely things to knit and crochet (more knit than crochet).  My queue and favorites are full.    I have also decided on a Christmas knit that I suffer over every year.  I have the yarn and everything.  Yup.  The planning is well-ordered.  Now, for the execution.

I also joined a Kromski group on Ravelry and one of the members has a Polonaise, too.  I love mine, but have treated it like fine china since I got it.  Only spinning on it occasionally because it’s my “good” wheel.  My daily spinning is done on the Ashford Joy.  Well, she has been so encouraging.  I’m not so fond of the hemp drive band, but she recommended I get the poly one, so I ordered it.  Stay tuned for an update.  I am really looking forward to doing more with my “good” wheel.

And, you will be relieved to know that I finally got my driver’s license. I only needed an addressed invoice or pay stub, my birth certificate (certified only) and my Social Security card.  If you remember, I found the Social Security card, but did not have my birth certificate. It only took me two tries and two weeks to get it.   Being born out of state is inconvenient and each state has idiot questions that must be answered correctly before they will send your certificate.  My idiot question from the state of Illinois was “Name of Certificate Holder”.  Huh?  I answered my Dad because I was born in an era where everything was held in the husband’s name.  WRONG!  I found out after calling the state (heaven forbid they should give instructions on line) that the certificate holder was the person born.  I still feel kinda “huh?” about it.  I got it by UPS because why would any government agency trust a government agency?  I took it with me yesterday morning and sat for over 45 minutes while two  other people got theirs renewed.  Two people in 45 minutes.  I was determined to wait it out.   On TV, when someone pulls up a driver’s license of a victim, they always look like their personal stylist was right there.  Well, my personal stylist, Ms. Esau Marie, is not allowed in the DOR offices, so I had to do without, and after only 65 minutes, I walked out with my license and a picture of me that looks like I was just arrested for molesting sheep.  The only way anyone will see it is over my cold dead body.

And, my soundtrack today?  Joni Mitchell and “Carey”.  This is from 1983 and it feels like yesterday.  Damn, where does the time go?

Have a great Wednesday!!

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4 Responses to Planning is the easy part

  1. margene says:

    That’s one of my favorite Joni songs!
    DMV is such a PITA. Glad you are finally legal!
    You’ll love the poly band, but you’ll love spinning on the ‘good’ wheel.

  2. Emiko says:

    Grr, let’s try this again as my computer lost connection as I was hitting ‘submit’.

    I hate going to the DMV too, but glad you got your license (although I’d bet my photo would put your sheep-molesting one to shame, hehehe). And the whole thing about the question you had to answer to get your birth certificate? That’s just a plain “what the hell?” thing. Talk about confusion.

    I had a few things in my queue that were supposed to be done by last Christmas, but that obviously didn’t happen. Maybe we both get our knitting done in time this year 🙂

  3. marianne says:

    I am in possession of your evil twin photo, yep, seriously, it’s on my DL! and no, I don’t show it, and it bugs the hell out of me when paying with my bank card and they want to see ID and I HAVE to show it and they look at it and look at me and we won’t even go into the expressions on their faces… meh.
    (it’s not that I mind them asking for ID, I appreciate that part)
    I love Joni. forever.
    Now get to that spinning!

  4. joyknits says:

    Glad you got your license (no matter how I spell that, it always looks wrong!) – anything with the gummint seems to be harder than it should be. Enjoy the spinning!

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