Random Wednesday

Hello. Once again, it is time for Random Wednesday. A time when your blogging hostess (me) mentally meanders all over kingdom come.  I have not taken pictures lately.  I have very little to show.  In fact, I have things to show, but I am suffering from a serious (but non-fatal) case of mental dullness.  Every once in a while my mind goes blank (ok, more often than I want to admit) and I can’t think of anything to show you.  There is plenty to show, but I don’t think of it.  I’m sure those of you who are kind souls will say that it’s because I have so much on my mind.  Keep those thoughts.

I have been working on the Tonks sock.  Socks are slow going for me.  I don’t knit on them unless I’m someplace away from home.  I have started working on them during lunch.  It has helped, but I’m still on the leg of the first sock.  I’m not going to be able to knit 6 pair of socks in one year.  I will look at going for three pair.  More attainable and less stressful that way.  That, plus this……………..

32409pix-002Yes, it is a terrible picture.  But, it is a lesson.  Worsted yarn for lace requires a larger needle.  That is, unless you want something that looks like a wad of used Kl**n*x.   You cannot see the pattern to save your life.   No amount of blocking would help this baby.  I tried.   Alternate plans have been made.  Each mistake is a lesson.  Thank goodness I paid attention early on this time.  The yarn in Dreams in Color Classy.  It has been ripped and wound for another project in the future.

I have been spinning this week.  It adds up to about 10 minutes a day so it’s going to take some time before anything shows, but I will work at being better at documenting my progress (i.e. taking pictures).

So, how’s about my soundtrack?  I’m a big Joni Mitchell fan.  She just slips into the stream of music that I listen to and this one is a favorite.

Have a good one!!

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5 Responses to Random Wednesday

  1. margene says:

    Blue is one my list of forever albums. Best to learn early on something is a problem. Purple Pi must not want any compitition. I feeling the same way and may not blog tomorrow. Winter has returned and with it a little funk. Bleh.

  2. marianne says:

    I’m surprised your a) head hasn’t exploded (due to all the thoughts/concerns/etc) and b) plate hasn’t broken due to it being so full, but only too well aware that c) mental dullness happens when a and b don’t. (although I find it hard to believe, you and mental dullness, you’re a bright, witty woman no matter what)
    I will say this, the colours in that yarn? delightful, a real visual treat, love those colours!
    I love Joni. You know that.
    Happy Wednesday Wodensday Wodnesdaeg Miercuri Hump Day ….!!!

  3. Emiko says:

    Socks are slow going for me too (I’m still working on the first half of one since last August) and it’ll take longer too, now that I’m having to rip out to correct an error. Oh well, it’ll get done someday, that’s all that matters 🙂

    I do have some other projects that I’d like to start, but we’ll see what happens. I get overwhelmed sometimes and not do a damn thing.. strange how that works out more often than not 😉

    The more I look at that Dream In Color yarn, the more I think that I must have some – it just looks so smooshy to knit with!

  4. Joy says:

    Hey, 10 Minutes a Day adds up – for some reason that sounds like a Ravelry group, don’cha think? 😉 Happy Wednesday!

  5. Nora says:

    OMG, I have brains on the brain. When I saw your photo I thought it was a brain! If I only had one…

    I think the DIC yarn is a little fatter than average, anyway, so that may be contributing.


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