I’m a ramblin’ kind a knitter

It’s Wednesday/Hump Day! The weather has taken a turn toward spring/summer. Thank you, Mother Nature. It’s about time you PMSing old thang.

Thank you one and all for your kind remarks about PurplePi and the Tonks sock.  PurplePi has been put in a time out for just a bit.


See where there is row definition like ribbing?  That’s the border after soaking.  I’m not being dramatic.  It’s really too short, isn’t it?  And, I still have this amount of yarn


I think that’s enough to do a bit more, don’t you?  Two rows?  That might make 4″.

That’s the current plan.  So, since we’re taking a short break from each other, I’m casting on for a Christmas pressie.  I can’t blog about it, either.  She reads my blog.  It would suck royally if this became known.  So, you’ll be getting more sock bloggage and when I can get back to her, PurplePi.  I simply cannot add more to the repetoire right now.  I must finish something first.  Oh, are you still here?  Thank you.  I know I shouldn’t add more, but we all know I’ll cave and start more somethings.  I’m weak and pathetic……..and, entitled!

Does anyone remember my Cormo fleece “Grant”?  Me, neither.  I plan on putting part of his fleece in the washing machine to see if I can actually get this fleece washed and combed in my lifetime.  I have no idea if it will work, but at this stage a little felting as an experiment sounds like a small price to pay to get this thing going.  It’s gorgeous and I want to wash it so I can eventually spin it.  I’m just way way behind.  I will keep you all posted on that, too.

Do you remember my homemade detergent?  I got the recipe from Rachel who got it from somewhere and blogged about it.  I love this stuff.  I ran a bit short this weekend and stood at the washing machine and grated a Fels Naptha bar, added a cup of Borax and a cup of washing soda.  I shook it up and now, I’m ready to go again.  I have bad allergies and very very sensitive skin and this stuff is completely wonderful (for me).  I also wear everything I do and eat, so it has been put to the test and has passed with flying colors.  I promised I’d report back, so this is it.  Oh, the bar of Fels Naptha is about $2, the washing soda $4 and the Borax $5 or so.  I have bought only one box of the washing soda and Borax, so far, but I have used 3 bars of Fels Naptha.  This is good stuff and economical if you don’t mind the grating (which can be painful in the knuckle area).  I can’t use softeners either (I told you my skin was sensitive), so I tried those silly looking dryer balls recommended by Marianne (whomightaswellbebloglesssheupdatessoseldom).  They work remarkably well softening and fluffing and removing static, but not shortening the drying time in my opinion.  Of course, Marianne never said it would shorten the drying time.  That was on the package.  I really like them even though the package lied to me.

And, since I’ve been a-ramblin’ I will leave you with this;

My goodness,they were youngun’s weren’t they?

Have a good one!!!!

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8 Responses to I’m a ramblin’ kind a knitter

  1. margene says:

    I’ve been on an “old” music kick because of your video choices. Super Sessions! I love Season of the Witch in just about any incarnation. And Ten Years after. You started all of this. Bob Seger still rocks today…good stuff then, good stuff now.
    Go as far as you can with PP and when it’s over, its over.

  2. marianne says:

    I’m with Margene (yet again :^), PurplePi, use your yarn up, (but remember binding off.. how many stitches?) It is Beautiful!

    I haven’t noticed the drying time being shortened either but that’s really not what I was going for. I hear you on the sensitivity issue.

    Yep. Baby faced.
    Happy Wodensday! ;^)

  3. Nora says:

    Yep – use it or lose it! (or something like that…)

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Beth in St.C says:

    I quit using fabric softener or dryer sheets years ago, because it kept gunking up my washer. White vinegar works pretty well on the static, and you can’t smell it after it dries. And it’s a lot cheaper (especially if you have a lot of wood floors to mop as well). I want to try the homemade detergent, though. I’m still a little traumatized by the $350 plumbers bill the last time I switched detergents.

    I agree with Marianne, just don’t forget to save enough for the cast-off. Been there, done that with about four inches left to go. There may have been cursing and property damage.

    I just got my first fleece Monday, and I’m doing a practice-soak of a big handful in cold water right now to get the enormous amount of sand out of it. Unfortunately for fleece-washing purposes, I have a front-loader, so I’m going to be washing all 8 pounds by hand. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with Grant.

  5. heideho says:

    I hope the fleece experiment goes well. It’s dreadfully expensive to have someone do the work for you, but the work is time consuming and tedious. The laundry detergent recipe sounds wonderful. Would you be able to send or post the ratios of Fels, soda and borax? Purple Pi really is pretty and her border will grow when she’s blocked. Cheers!

  6. crafterscupboard says:

    ok, firstly…..Ms. Pi is looking grand! You should be very proud!!! I’m not going to offer up any advice as I’ve only knit one shawl and that one was a super easy triangle shawl that grew way more than I anticipated in the blocking and boy wasn’t I lucky that was the case! 😉 And I evidently am in good company as I probalby qualify for something along the line of(whomightaswellbebloglesssheupdatessoseldom) as a following to my name too. lol

    While I have no issues with the laundry detergent/ fab softer stuff I use at this time, I am interested in your rec. as well. Who knows if this will change or heck, if it saves me $$$ it’s worth it. So post it up if ya can girlie.

    Here’s hoping the sun finds time to shine on your plot of land and that the time you have is filled with happiness of one kind or another.

    Think of you often!

  7. crafterscupboard says:

    Oh, heck! I forgot to tell you that I’ve washed many a fleece in my washer with NO problems. (My washer does NOT add water in its’ spin cycle and that’s the huge felting problem right there.) Also I can make my washer drain into the back yard when I’m doing fleece and not into a septic tank. If you’re not on a septic tank, you’re golden.

    I had completely forgotten about “Grant” but then….I’d forget my name if it wasn’t written down. I didn’t know you did the combing thing……do please tell about this journey with “Grant” as I’m headed down the road to obtaining combs. I do LOVE combed top! nummmmm!

    Let me know if you need help with washing in the washer…..I’ve done lots!

    PS…how do you feel about Alpaca?

  8. Chris says:

    To wash a fleece well, you need hot hot water and lots of soap (I use Dawn or Palmolive dish soap). You can load a lingerie bag with fleece in a single layer and soak it in your bathtub (don’t let the soak outlast the hot water so maybe 20 minutes?). Repeat a few times, then rinse the same way until the water is clean and bubble free. Then spin it in the washer and lay out to dry.

    That said, I usually send my fleeces to the mill for blending and washing the fleece is the cheapest part of the deal, so I don’t often wash my own sheep fleeces (angora bunny on the other hand – who knew how much spit they put in their coats??? I wash those before they go to the mill).

    Good luck with the fleece!

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