It’s Flyday. Finarry, Flyday!!!r

Classic politically incorrect, but very very funny, comedy sketch from “Get Smart”.

This always makes me laugh.  Of course, we have already established that I have a sophomoric sense of humor.

So, this is the end of another week and the beginning of another weekend.  YAY!!!!  Mom is doing pretty darned well.  She’s still very tired, but doing well.  My BB and BSIL are going to Chicago this weekend for our Lil’ Bit’s graduation from the Institute of Art of Chicago.  I wish I could be there, but it’s not happening so I will be happy for her from afar.  The other big thing this weekend is that it’s my Peanut’s birthday weekend.  She is coming over today to sit and knit and chat.   We are looking forward to it.  The entire family will be celebrating her birthday next weekend.  This weekend will be fairly low-key.  I’m hoping for some outside time to mess in the garden, but whatever will be will be.

I do plan to get some knitting time in.  Because I’m still working on PurplePi I need something on the needles that will grow quickly and be portable.  The growing quickly part is ok, but the portable is everything right not.  I love to sit on the deck and knit so I need portability.  I got some terrific cotton slub yarn from Rachel.   It’s a bright pink and I can’t figure out how the hell to stop the link, so this entire sentence is about the pink cotton slub yarn and the summer cardigan I’m knitting for my Mom.  I’ll link to the pattern when I can figure out how to stop this thing.

She wants a short sleeved cardigan to wear when she gets chilled (which is quite often).  I like the look of the Allegoro Cardigan from Classic Elite.  That plus socks and PurplePi and a pair of mitts for a dear friend and I have enough for a bit, don’t I?

Have a wonderful weekend and please listen to the brilliant Richie Havens and “High Flyin’ Bird”

Have a wonderful weekend.  The Mom says thank you to all for your thoughts and kind words (her phrasing not mine).

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5 Responses to It’s Flyday. Finarry, Flyday!!!r

  1. margene says:

    Richie Haven’s always brings to mind Woodstock. You DO need to find something fun to knit, quickly and just for yourself. You deserve it. XOX

  2. heideho says:

    Congratulations to Lil Bit for her graduation and happy birthday to Peanut! I hope you have a relaxing weekend. You have lots on the needles right now. Hugs to everyone.

  3. marianne says:

    (and how would you have phrased it? giggle)
    Glad to hear Mum is doing better. Congrats to Lil Bit! and Happy Birthday! to Peanut!
    Love love love Richie.
    Happy Weekend to you, Sweets, with quality times knitting, hanging out, celebrations, etc etc… hugs to all.

  4. joyknits says:

    The “Craw” is too funny – when I saw that “Get Smart” was out on DVD, it was Himself’s Christmas pressie, so I’ve seen it fairly recently 😉 Glad Mom’s feeling better – congrats on all the good stuff!

  5. crafterscupboard says:

    So glad to hear that Mum’s doing better and I’m glad to hear about all the happy stuff going on right now too. Sounds like it’s time for some fast and happy knitting too! Hugs to you all and a big smooch to Grover!

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