Monkey Brain 1, Balanced Mind 0

We all know that I am a slow knitter. This is not news nor is it new. Yet, the eternal optimist dork in me has found a new pattern/kit she absolutely must have. It’s the “Biscuit Blanket”. This is entirely Emiko’s fault.  I was just merrily reading her post (she has been notoriously bad about keeping me up to date on Frankie, her new kitty) and I followed the link and fell in love.  This is the absolute most perfectous wedding/shower/all around neat gift and I have a friend who is moving to Chicago and she doesn’t drink tea(no need for the cosy) and I honestly can’t knit a bunch of warshrags for this particular friend.  She’s quite sophisticated and urbane.  Although I love them, I’m not sure she would appreciate their true value.  Therefore and ergo, a biscuit blanket.  I will most definitely keep you all posted.  She’s leaving the end of July, so this is a crunch knit, of course.

It is still hellish here in Middle Earth.  I can barely get Grover out to pee and he’s back at the door whining to get in.  Poor baby.  We walk and he lasts about 10-15 minutes and then his tongue is practically dragging on the ground.  We have been weatherweinies this week because neither one of us like the hot.  Do you think I can “will” the grass not to grow so it won’t need cutting for a while?  I look at my back yard and it is truly an unruly jungle mess of greenery (alot of which I don’t want), but when Mom was ill I was unable to get out there to take care of the problem, so now it’s a mass of wildness.  This wildness includes some pretty impressive poison ivy.  I am a naturalist at heart….until you get me near poison ivy.  I spent a month a couple of summers ago as miserable as I could be with poison ivy on the backs of my legs, so I use chemicals to destroy my poison ivy when it gets big.  When it’s little, I just take a grocery bag (one reason to keep a few around) and use it as a glove and pull the sucker out of the ground and wrap it in the grocery bag.  This year I have two plants that were over 3′ tall.  I got one with the spray, but the second one just lost a couple of leaves.  Virulent bugger, huh?  His days are numbered.

BTW, I joined Cookie’s team “CrankyPants” for the Tour de Fleece this year.  Maybe, now that a bit of the pressure is off I can spend some time spinning.  It starts on July 4th, so  I have time to prepare.  That only means dust the spinning wheel and make sure it’s well lubricated.  I also joined the 2009 Summer of Socks.  Not because I plan on knitting 3 or 4 pair, but because, once again this is Cookie’s fault, this is a no-stress group.  I can probably knit a sock or two this summer.  Don’t ya think? Maybe, Cookie was inviting somebody else, but she wasn’t exclusive so I took her up on the offer.  That’ll teach her;-P

So, as I randomly (it is Wednesday after all) mosey on, I will leave you with my soundtrack of the day……The Temptations once again with “The Way You do the Things You do”.

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to Monkey Brain 1, Balanced Mind 0

  1. margene says:

    The biscuit blanket is darling and I’ll bet you can do it in time. It will be nice to have something you need to concentrate on, focus on. Is the heat predicted to break soon? I feel for all of you back in that oven!

  2. marianne says:

    Love the biscuit blankie! and I’m sure your friend will too.
    so… knitting the little blankie AND spinning away? ;^) it sounds like a wonderful time.
    I’d help you with that yard. I would. the “2 poison ivy plants over 3′ tall” made me break out in a cold sweat though, I’m way sensitive to the stuff and have to deal with it in a couple of big beds here… yes, plastic bags AND long kitchen gloves. What do you spray on yours?
    damn it’s hot. and no relief in sight although you might get some later in the week? I hope so.

  3. heideho says:

    Good morning! I think I’d forego the poison ivy self-removal and chicken out by hiring someone to take care of it. My guess is though that it’s dreadfully expensive. Does St. Louis offer a Noxious Weeds removal program? Poor, Dear Grover. He must cook in the heat. Would he tolerate getting wet prior to a walk? Never mind, I just remembered that dogs shake off excess water and like to roll when wet… it could be a huge mess. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines with your socks and spinning endeavors. Yeah, Cindy!

  4. Wendy says:

    We’re traveling in parallel a little bit! I’m doing the Tour de Fleece on Team Monkey Farts (the Spunky Eclectic team) and spinning laceweight for a sweater, eek!

    And I think I’ve knit socks from your gift colorway before. Is it Lorna’s Laces?

    Glad to hear you’re surviving the heat. We can’t figure out what’s going on here in SoCal, it’s still rather chilly.

  5. Emiko says:

    Hehehe, so I got someone else to fall in love w/ the biscuit blanket, eh? 🙂 It is a cute pattern, although the diamond shape of the pattern isn’t coming up as sharp as it should be. I’m wondering if I’m not reading the pattern instructions correctly..
    Look forward to seeing how yours turns out, and I promise to give you more updates on Frank 🙂

    Sounds like it’s getting to be a scorcher over there. We’re getting back to “normal” weather here. I’ve been lazy keeping up w/ watering my “garden” out on the deck, so the rain has been helpful 🙂

    I need something like a Tour de Fleece to get my butt in gear – I seem to be in some kind of funk I can’t shake off :/ Hopefully it’ll pass soon.

  6. Beth in StC says:

    Wow, a very cute and useful pattern! Unfortunately biscuits are off the menu now in our house…sigh.

    I should sign up for the Tour de Fleece; I’m still spinning the second bobbin of BFMA Sheep to Shoe that I started four months ago. Are you going to be spinning the new fleece? I’m still trying to find a good washing method to get out the old lanolin; I think next time I’m going to wimp out and buy a fresh, covered fleece.

    The heat is pretty epic around here; our black cat can’t understand why we don’t want to take her outside for a walk and porch time as soon as we get home. We’ve been waiting until 8:00 pm or so. Luckily she’s had enough after about 15 minutes, then we get to go on our own walk. The Maine Coon just lies on top of the A/C vent and glares at us. 😉

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