Randomly we roll along, roll along, roll along……

It’s Wednesday and I have had internet access at home for a whole hour now.  Now, I just pray that we don’t get any storms for a while.  It’s not like we need the rain.  The rivers are high.  The mosquitoes are huge and we have bugs as big as buses.  Enough already.

OK.  This is a mini-rant.    Did anyone see my city on the news at all this week?  I heard about show business folk that I have never ever heard of and don’t  care about.  I have enjoyed seeing Bob Gibson (the greatest pitcher ever) and Lou Brock.  But, the new guys?  I know who Albert Pujols is.   He’s a Cardinal.  After that, it’s a blur.  And, I am sick of the news being nothing but fawning over people who can afford this extravaganza.  Good for them, but I happen to want to know what is  going on that affects us all.  I had to read internet news to find out about the national and international news.   I will be very very glad when they all go home and we can go back to the weather being something other than a major factor in the All-Star game, and being a major “news” story on its own;-D

St. Louis is a really lovely city.  The people here (for the most part) are wonderful.  I just honestly could not believe that we had to endure B.S. for over a week.  Ah, well.  So goes life, eh?

July72009 004It is Daylily season here in Middle Earth.  I love Daylilies.  They are prolific in these here parts and the one here is one of my naturalized Daylilies.  These babies spread like wildfire.  I’m going to have to divide them this fall and move some around.  Want one?  They require full sun and space.  Serious space.  Other than that?  Plug ’em in and let ’em go.

I had to rip my red scarf.  Again.  It is now a mere K4P1.  I got sick of the ripping.  I have a picture, but I’ll get a bit farther along and show it to you.   Other than that and a tiny bit of stealth Christmas knitting, I have nothing.

To help you move your way into the rest of your Wednesday, here’s my soundtrack of the day.

Have a good one!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to Randomly we roll along, roll along, roll along……

  1. heideho says:

    Alas, I don’t watch the news, or anything else on television because my girls manipulate it during the summer. I’ve no idea what’s going on in St. Louis… or even in my area, but I hope that the people upsetting the natural flow of life there move on soon.

    I spent two hours trying to start a new lace project last night. It was such a mess that the yarn tangled and couldn’t even be frogged. Grrr.

    I love Jimi Hendrix!

    Hugs to you!

  2. margene says:

    I haven’t had one minute to watch the news, but all I have seen is the SC hearings. Those old white men are amazingly idiotic. (my rant for the day).

    Jimi, how I love you.

  3. Emiko says:

    you crack me up w/ the bugs as big as a bus reference 🙂 that would skeeze me out though! I’d love to have those daylilies in my yard – a beauty.

    I still haven’t picked up the needles… where o where is the pattern I’m working on? I can print another one out off the computer, but I guess I’m just lazy 🙂
    I hope I snap out of this soon, because I’m starting to get annoyed w/ myself ;P

  4. Cookie says:

    Sometimes I wonder how the news directors decide which stories to air and in what order. Clearly, the public’s need to know and be informed is not on the list.

    Lovely daylily!


  5. Love the Daylilies. I had scads of them all over the place before I “gifted” a neighbor. I still have more than is necessary…but they are such easy keepers around here too. 😉 I sympathize about the red scarf. I spend more than a normal ammount of time in the pond myself. Amazingly enough the socks I’m working on are moving along well. Uh oh! What did I just do?!!! I do believe I just jinxed myself! lol Hang in there, it’s gotta dry out soon, right?

    Hugs to you all!

  6. Nora says:

    I feel ya. Such a load of crap. And for comic relief, we have the confirmation hearings – as Margene points out, a bunch of old white men with mediocre IQ’s questioning a woman who could reason them all right under the table.

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