What on earth am I doing here today?????

Well. I’m here to render a short story of knitting zen and how not to achieve it. I am the queen of the unzen (do NOT mistake that for the undead. I’m warning you!).  I would like to blame it on grief and stress, but I don’t think that’s the answer.  It’s the unzen or the PissyFairy.  Take your pick.

Here is the second of the littleredscarf.

July72009 002

This was ripped and cast on.  Again.

July152009 001I was happier with this one, but it had mistakes.  I did not make these mistakes.  I believe it was the PissyFairy.  She is not cute like Tinkerbell, but is from the same species.  PissyFairy decides that things are going well and to make her life more interesting, she causes humans (me) to make mistakes.  PissyFairy won this round and this baby was ripped, too.

July152009 003

So, I knit the above rendition.  K4P1.  I do not like it “Sam I am”.  I do not like green eggs and ham or this particular pattern in this particular scarf.  The PissyFairy was not responsible for this one.  I just do not like how it looks.  So, rip.

July152009 002

I am not down for the count.  I have cast on again and will try the Corrugator scarf pattern one more time.  If the PissyFairy visits you.  I’m sorry, but if she’s visiting you, she’s leaving me the hell alone.  It’s every knitter for themselves!!!!

My soundtrack?  I’m warning you.  This is an earworm and I’ve had it on my mind for two days. It’s not a bad song.  It just gets really old and really really annoying quickly.   Consider yourself warned!!!

I think it’s the fact that the verse just keeps playing over and over and over and over and over and over.  And, I am not certain, but I think there’s only one verse.  I tend to zone out after just a few seconds.

Have a good one!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to What on earth am I doing here today?????

  1. margene says:

    That’s one song you won’t get me to listen to. Just hearing the title has it stuck in my head….arghhhhh!!

    That PissyFairy just isn’t nice to have around. We need to put a contract out on her!

  2. heideho says:

    I have this song on my I-pod and the girls and I love to sing along to it.

    The Pissy Fairy needs a visit from a bug zapper. The nasty little creature makes daily stops at our home too.

    My kids and husband are making me crazy. Today I want to go back to bed and ignore the whole lot of them.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Emiko says:

    Boy, you sure are on a rampagiing mission throwing the PissyFairy and earworms our way, aren’t ya? 😉 just kiddin! I don’t blame ya for the number of times you’ve had to rip out the start of that scarf!

    Well I hope you don’t have to rip out on the scarf anymore. I FINALLY found the pattern I was working on (that dang biscuit blanket), so maybe I can try to pick up the needles in weeks and get some more progress on that thing. I haven’t had an FO in forever! 🙂

  4. Cookie says:

    I think we all have yarn/projects like that. Things that should be simple and quick, but end up being a freakin’ nightmare. You’ll win in the end, sweetie. Just keep knitting/swimming!


  5. Joy says:

    May the Pissy Fairy leave the state entirely – maybe into outer space? 😉

  6. Nora says:

    Hey, at least you’re knitting!!


  7. Beth in StC says:

    And that’s one reason to use good yarn; it can survive multiple visits from the PissyFairy and the IndecisiveFairy and the DistractedFairy…

    (I may have ripped out a sock cuff and an entire iPod cozy this weekend in an attempt to clear off the futon in my office/craft room. I stuffed the completed Mr. Greenjeans sweater into a sack in the closet until I can bear to rip the whole thing out.)

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