It’s Wednesday, again???

Hello all!!! It’s Wednesday. I cannot believe how quickly it came. Each week. What can I say? They are getting shorter and shorter and shorter. Or is it the weekends?  Dangit.

I’m very nearly done with the Corrugated Scarf.  After that, I have another quick knit to get done and mailed and then, it’s Christmas knitting.

Know what?  I had an epiphany.  Another one.  I don’t like knitting shawls.  I like stoles.  I was working on the Feather Duster and realized I’d like it much better as a stole.  Shucks.  Susan doesn’t offer it as a stole.  So, to assuage my upset feeling, I ordered Anne Hanson’s new Nightingale Wing stole.  I haven’t started it yet because I need to rip a couple of things and finally finish taking the PurplePi shawl off the needles for now.  Then, I’m gonna sit down and cast that baby on with Cornflower Blue silk/merino from Colourmart.  Baby steps a little at a time.  Right?

Today is Margene’s procedure.  Keep her in our prayers and thoughts.  I am.

And, so, in Margene’s honor, I am giving you Mr. Bob Dylan and the classic “Mr. Tambourine Man”.

Have a wonderful Hump Day!!!!

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3 Responses to It’s Wednesday, again???

  1. marianne says:

    Margene is indeed tucked in close in my thoughts and prayers.

    Ooooh, I love Anne’s new Nightingale Wing Stole design, it’s gorgeous! Yay you! mmm, cornflower blue :^)

  2. Emiko says:

    I’m happy that it’s Wednesday – yesterday was crazy busy at work. I guess that’s the part that bites with 3 days – you’re cramming 5 days of work into 4 and then some, but I’ll still take ’em!

    That’s a beautiful stole! I’ve yet to knit any kind of shawl or stole, but I hope to knit Anne’s Bee Fields shawl someday.

  3. Cookie says:

    If you ever fall in love with a triangle shawl but don’t want to knit it, let me know. I enjoy knitting them. I just don’t like wearing them. *L*

    Does that pattern have a seam down the middle? She seems to like that sort of thing in her designs and I hate it.

    Happy Wednesday!

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