Sundays are getting a little better

Another weekend passed by without too much personal drama. Dealing with Mom’s death on a day to day basis. It’s been 3 months and her loss has become more real.  I worry that it is too easy to live without her.  That I should be beating my breast and wailing occasionally.  Yet, I know she made the decision and any histrionics would be mine only.  That, and the fact that it would embarrass the hell out of me even without an audience.  So, I’m learning to live alone, or as alone as I can be with a huge pup and neurotic cat.  Speaking of neurotic cat.  Cookie, as in  “our Cookie” , advised me to get the little idiot a bed and, she even linked to it.  She told me that cats normal body temps are around 102.  So, because I trust Cookie implicitly and she took the trouble to link it and everything, I ordered one.  It was even on sale.  And, to prove it was a brilliant suggestion and a good move on my part, here is a photo of “devilkitty” on her new wonderful and stylin’ insulating kitty bed.

IMG_0048She spent a mere six hours on it and slept like a baby.  I’m very pleased, and you will notice that it matches her.  I am an interior designer extraordinaire.   Really and truly.  It has since sat unused, but I have faith that when the house temps drop to 67 again, she will find her nighty-night bed and use it.  Now, everyone in the house has their own nighty-night bed.  Of course, Esau still likes to sleep on my bed, but I’m thrilled she has allowed me to stay in her house, so I’ll keep quiet.

And, I finally really and truly have a finished object (FO).  The red scarf is completed and washed and dry.  Voila!

IMG_0052It turned out over 66″ long.  It is soft and warm and I will send a note along that is was not knit in a house without pets.  I don’t want anybody having an allergic reaction because of the scarf.  I hope to get it in the mail this week.

And, the soundtrack for today?  Another Donovan.  “Wear Your Love Like Heaven”.

Have a good one!!!!!!!

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5 Responses to Sundays are getting a little better

  1. marianne says:

    I just googled.. is that the self-warming thermal cat bed? and what a fabulous kitteh bed! I hope EM spends many warm, snuggly snoozes on it.
    Your Red Scarf is gorgeous, congrats on the finish!
    The first year has its own special kind of hard, hugs, big hugs.
    Ahhh, Carmine…. carmine. xox

  2. joyknits says:

    The scarf looks gorgeous – someone’s going to be very fortunate to get it!

    I’m sure EM will reserve the right to sleep around, as do ours. Particular bed preferences seem to change like the weather 😉

  3. Emiko says:

    We had a cleaning overhaul in the closet this weekend and now Frankie’s old “bed” on top of my sheets is gone. There was SO.MUCH cat hair on the sheets they had to be washed again 🙂

    I was wondering about those bed and considering one for my furry one too – I ended up buying a cat bed pattern to make.. but that’ll probably be another 23492347293472039487 months before I actually finish it hehe

    Yeah – the scarf is lovely! That will make someone very happy and warm 🙂

  4. Cookie says:

    I had the same cat for about 18 years. She taught me a thing or two in that time. ;^) I hope ES returns to her new bed. It may be her new best friend as winter approaches.

    Love the scarf! Well done! I’m about halfway done with mine and wishing we could knit hats instead. *L*


  5. margene says:

    Cindy I just logged on and realized it was kinda late and I’d better not call. My head is about to explode from the tons of email I have to sort through so I’ll try to call Friday, if at all able (hospitals are effing busy places!) I’m still here and it may be the weekend before I can make an escape, but I’m going well and thinking of you as you’re thinking of me.

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