Did You Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day?

We did! The birthday party that I attended was lovely. N’s backyard is the “Backyard of Envy” for many of us attending. Lovely, simply lovely. Took no pix. I talk too much. I went with a young friend of mine and we wore eye patches and exclaimed many traditional authentic (how would I know?) pirate phrases.  The food and wine was great and everyone (or nearly everyone) got into the pirate mood.  I cannot understand why I bother to carry my camera with me when I neglect to take pictures everywhere that I go.

I spent the rest of the weekend doing pretty much what I thought I would be doing.  It rained yesterday, so it was a perfect veg-out Sunday afternoon.  I am cooking ahead for myself to avoid the dreaded “spoon of peanut butter, dollop of cottage cheese, olives, cheese and what-all” dinners.  I made myself a turkey breast in the crock pot.  I love crock pots and this recipe is fabulous.  You combine 1/4 C Garden Vegetable cream cheese with 1 Tbsp. of soy sauce (I use low sodium), some basil, thyme, garlic and pepper and spread it on the (4-6 lb.) turkey breast and walk away.  I plan on cutting it up and freezing 80% of it.  The rest I will eat all week for lunches.  That, and veggies, and I’m a happy girl.  I have chicken in the freezer so I can mix it up a bit for variety.

So, we are beginning a new week and I’m glad to be here.  The problem is.  Well, the problem seems to be muli-layered.  It appears that not only are my weeks and weekends disappearing, but the months seem to be going too.  I don’t know how this is happening, but I need to find out.  It’s hard for me to accept that this is the last full week of September.  How did we get to September?  I’m still confused about that one.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to figure it out either.  At least, not before the beginning of October.  Damn.

Now, I need to send you on your way through your Monday with my soundtrack.  I’m eyeing the new Beatles anthology, so you get the Beatles.  “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”.  Makes me feel 13 all over again;-D

Have a good one!!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to Did You Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day?

  1. margene says:

    I asked Cheryl twice last night if it really was the last week September. Tomorrow is the equinox. I truly lost the full month of September, but will enjoy it’s last few days. The weather is very fall like and beautiful here. I had wanted to spend September 19h on FB talking like a pirate. Totally forgot.
    Oh John and Paul…I’ll never forget your duo.

  2. sophanne says:

    I wish I would make dinner. I wish my brain didn’t think it was so much harder than it really is. Keep doing it. Maybe I’ll copy you.

    Our peanut butter- cottage cheese dinners for us-

    me- kraft macncheez oatmeal and grilled cheese samiches

    mr. sophanne= a bag of chips.


    I think it should just be plenty chilly around here- I’ve started wearing warmer clothes-it’s getting hot with all them clothes

  3. Emiko says:

    Hmm, that crock pot recipe for the turkey breast sounds pretty good. Another thing I like about fall is that it’s totally crockpot weather making stews and pot roasts and whatnot. Time to take that sucker out!

  4. marianne says:

    I love my crockpot. I use it year round. It really is quite the ‘affair’ between my crockpot and I ;^)
    We’ve been having cool mornings and warm afternoons and maybe, just maybe… our rains are done for a few days.
    onward and upward to your next post (as she drop kicks her arse into gear) xoxoxox

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