Hear Ye, Hear Ye. ‘Tis Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, indeedy do, it is once again Friday. The last working of day of the working week in my world. Well, not really. I work four days a week now. Not five. So, for most, Friday is the last working day of a work week. Wordy, but I feel a need to be concise. Thank you.  And, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have lost readers.  I don’t know where everyone has gone.  Maybe Facebook.  But, I”m not getting many comments anymore.  Oh, sure, Margene and Marianne and Joy comment regularly.  Heide does when she can.  Emiko does, too.   Becky, Annie , Rachel, and Cookie comment pretty often, but, for the most part, I don’t get many comments.  So, I’ve been struggling a bit with this.  Not that your not commenting is a horrible thing.  Sometimes, there is just nothing to say.  No common ground in certain posts.  After sulking about it for about 10 minutes, I realized that I really enjoy this blogging thing.  I love the connections.  And, if there aren’t many, so be it.  Makes the ones I have all that more precious, ya know?  That, plus I like the scheduled writing requirement of blogging.  Enforced journaling.  I may start out without anything to say, but I end up sharing a part of myself with you that others don’t see.  I think I get the same from other bloggers I know and love.  So, I’m not stopping anytime soon.  I enjoy it too much and I care too much about those who do read and let me know who they are.  You rock.

Now, knitting.  Oh, yes, I still knit.  Really and truly.  I finished the “other” knitting I was doing and have fallen into an “I don’t wanna ” attitude.  I don’t wanna finish up the stuff I have to do.  It seems it is time for a bit of attitude adjustment on my part, don’t you think?  Don’t say no.  Please don’t enable me.  I am the most undisciplined knitter in the universe.  I am also part magpie.  Bright, shiny and new.  Really.  It takes nothing.

No pictures.  No knitting.  Not really fall yet.  My flowers look like hell.  My vegetable garden consists of 2-3 cherry tomatoes every 4 or 5 days. Of course, they are sweet as candy, but we are not talking scenic anything here.  So, I will leave you with another classic .  How about the Beatles (I still haven’t decided about the huge expenditure of the anthology) and “Twist and Shout”?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!!!!!!!!

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12 Responses to Hear Ye, Hear Ye. ‘Tis Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. margene says:

    I’m here to enable you. Knitting should ALL be “you wanna”…no obligations, just fun and enjoyable. Blog readers come and go. Over 5 years few of the people who read in the beginning read now. Great way to start the day…the Beatles!

  2. Joy says:

    What Margene said! Glad you’re sticking with it – we depend on you to keep us on track 😉 Have a great weekend and say Hi to Rachel for me.

  3. Emiko says:

    Yes, without you I’d never know if it’s the middle of the week or the end, so please don’t stop blogging 😉

    I never had a whole lot of commenters to begin with, but I do enjoy blogging. And as you mentioned, I like to get to know my commenters too.

    I started my Friday this morning with gentle nibbles on my arm from Mr. Butthead that graduated to full on flesh bites because he wanted to be fed (this is my cat I’m talking about, not my bf lol).

    I’ll be spending this weekend making the next recipe for the Daring Bakers on Saturday and then Sunday I’m teaching a coworker to knit! Hope I’ll be an ok teacher.

    have a super duper weekend Cindy!

  4. Kathleen C says:

    I’ve been reading everyone through bloglines. The energy to respond has been low. But I READ every post!

  5. marianne says:

    One of the things I love most here? (besides you?) It’s so cozy, sometimes less really is more. You know? But then I DO live in a cave and am extremely introverted. and I’m going to agree with Margene (once again), knit what you wanna.
    Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! XOXOX (make like a duck if it rains)

  6. Rachel says:

    My comments have dropped way off since Twitter and Ravelry. (Hi @joy!)

  7. BSIL says:

    I’m just a blob stalker! I don’t comment at all, since I give you my comments in person. But I don’t want you to feel lonely!! Have a great day as the weather is beautiful. See you tonight.

  8. Cookie says:

    This time of year, not a lot looks great. Too early for mums, too late for the ‘maters to look pretty. I hope it’s getting cooler where you are, at least. Going to be 103F here tomorrow. Thank goodness I’m currently knitting with cotton.

    I agree with Margene. Readers come and go. Additionally, I don’t comment as much as I should because most of the time I have nothing to say or add to what’s already been said. Yes, I suck, but that’s not news.

    Happy Friday!


  9. Annie says:

    I’m guilty of not commenting often. I have a case of the don’t wannas too. Not necessarily regarding knitting, but partially that.

  10. heideho says:

    I envy your sweet, ripe cherry tomatoes! Reading your blog makes me happier than you will ever know. Your “rantings and ramblings” are entertaining, enlightening and have allowed us all to fall in love with you. Please keep writing.

  11. sophanne says:

    Our brains work in a surprisingly similar fashion having had the same thought not so very long ago.

  12. Beth in StC says:

    I wish I could comment more, but unfortunately our corporate office locked down our internet a few months back. I’m keeping up with my blogs via a convoluted combination of Read It Later, Firefox Portable, and opening files one by one in IE; but until they make a Comment About it Later plug-in that works with IE (can’t even run Firefox, drat it), I’m sunk. I’m still enjoying your blog though, and I envy you the discipline to blog on a regular basis. I don’t think I’ve ever managed three days in a row.

    (I’m only commenting today because I had to get out of the office at lunch and go home for a while. Five more layoffs today; please tell me again the economy is improving.)

    I understand the Magpie Philosophy of knitting. There’s a large basket of WIP’s on top of my desk as I type, and I just bought floss this weekend for counted cross-stitch Christmas stuff. Plus two totes in the basement that haven’t been opened since we moved two years ago. It seems the more stressed I am, the more projects I start. I should probably get another basket…

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