Whoa, Nelly!

As I have said, ad nauseum, I walk GrovertheWonderdog every morning.  Sunday morning, I put on my cool weather tights a long sleeve tee and my fake down vest with pockets and went out with the boy.  I was ok for while, but then halfway through our walk I realized I should have worn my fingerless mitts and my thighs were tingling and starting to go numb.  Hello?  It was only the 11th of October and the temps were in the lower 30’s.  I don’t think it froze, but my outside thermometer fell into the deluge last week and I do believe it has lost its ability to come even close to the correct temps.  It showed the temps as 50’s and everything else said 30’s.  Might be time to get a new thermometer.  Huh?

You know, though, part of me is ok with the cold weather.  Just because it’s cold now does not mean we are headed for a terrible winter.  It’s not all or nothing.  It’s weather.  And, it is so much easier to knit with wool when it’s cold than when it’s 80+.  The fall foliage is just plain weird this year.  Some trees are gorgeous and others, just really green.  The leaves are also just starting to fall which is normal, but our burning bush has turned already and it never turns before mid-November.  I just find this stuff fascinating.  That, and feeding the birds.  Last year I went through one 20# bag of each birdseed all winter.  I’m working on my third bag of thistle (nijer), second bag of no-mess blend(has no seedhusks to kill the plants) and, we are not even going to talk about the suet the little dudes have gone through.  Much different this fall than last.

The wedding was nice.  The liturgy strange and inappropriate for my church and its leaning, but whatever.  The reception was interesting and very nice.  I don’t honestly know what I expected.

Now, for the knitting.  Really and truly.  I am finally almost back to the place where I realized I needed to rip on my secret Christmas knitting project.  I was sorely tempted to pull out yarn and start a new sweater, but I held course.  I am so proud of myself.  The project I’m working on is a fun knit, but I have ripped out enough to have finished the poor thing.  And, I’m not kidding about the yarn beginning to get worn.  Still, I just want to finish the poor thing and block it for the presents pile.  This post feels a bit like a Random Wednesday.  Either that, or I’m just starting to be honest with myself and the fact that I tend to ramble no matter what the day.

I had always enjoyed this song, but didn’t really love it until I heard The Hooters do it. Here is my favorite version of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”.

Have a good one!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to Whoa, Nelly!

  1. margene says:

    We bought a fancy weather station that tells inside and outside temps, humidity and even forecasts the next 12 hours. I love it! We had a warm day yesterday but the last week was very chilly. I tend to overdress and get too hot half way through my walk. Stay warm! Layers, lots of layers of clothes will get you through.

  2. heideho says:

    Brrr! This is crazy early in the year to have it be so cold. Bundle up so you don’t get chilled on these mornings. Kudos for staying on track with your knitting. I started out trying to finish some UFOs this weekend but then got sidetracked… it doesn’t take much, just some pretty yarn. Have a wonderful, warm Monday. We have school today in spite of the holiday.

  3. joyknits says:

    Definitely a strange year – I was glad that I *did* go back for my fingerless mitts when I walked Toby last night. Stay warm!

  4. marianne says:

    I love how you ramble, it all makes perfect sense to me.
    I’m just hoping this early chill turns out to be a fluke and we will return to more ‘normal’ temps, at least for the 23rd.
    I want one of those weather stations Margene has. We have a little gadget, wireless things, tells us the temp inside and outside. Handy.
    Happy Monday Sweets! xox

  5. Emiko says:

    It certainly is getting cold, isn’t it? I’m loving it though! With today off, after Bear returns from his lake fishing, we’re going to go take some photos of some really beautiful trees that I drove by yesterday, because the colours were just soooo beautiful! I really do love this time of year 🙂

    We also have those weather gadget thingies that gives the indoor/outdoor temps. You can get some that aren’t too fancy at a reasonable price – check em out!

    Happy Monday to you and the furry critters! Stay warm 🙂

  6. sophanne says:

    I said to Mr. SOphanne just the other day- “The leaves are on the ground!?” He looked blankly at me. I think I was trying to say what you said.

    Lucy in the sky was the obsessive/compulsive song of choice in 10th grade- followed by “Breaking Us in Two” in 11th grade and “Chuckie’s in love” in 12th grade.

  7. Cookie says:

    Nothing wrong with being random.

    Sounds like you’re in for a cold winter from the sounds of it. Don’t tell the kitty. ;^)


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