Creeping Crud

I’ll be back soon. I just feel real crummy;-(

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10 Responses to Creeping Crud

  1. marianne says:

    oh NOOOOOs, seriously, the Crud is bad enough but when it’s the Creeping Crud? damnit.
    I hope you feel better Soon!
    hugs and hot tea.. and naps when you can. xoxoxox

  2. Emiko says:

    Oh no! Get lots of rest and get well soon!

  3. Joy says:

    So sorry you’re under the weather – get well fast – (((((Cindy)))))!

  4. sophanne says:

    hate. the crud. hate. the creeping. combined? doublehate.

  5. margene says:

    Please get well soon!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cookie says:

    Oh no!

    Take care of yourself, sweetie.


  7. Rachel says:

    Ugh! Get better soon!

  8. April says:

    Oh honey, hope you’re feeling better soon. Maybe you need more fiber? 🙂

  9. heideho says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better again really soon.

  10. Annie says:

    Oh no, the dreaded creeping crud! Hope you feel better soon!

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