friday. friday. fridayfridayfridayfriday…..

To be sung to “Chrissy’s Song” from the movie “Jaws”. Yes, that is the opening sequence where Bruce the shark eats poor gorgeous teenaged Chrissy. So sad. But, it is Friday and I must say, YAY!!!!

I am feeling much better, but not perky nor chatty.  I wish all a wonderful weekend.  I plan on being here bright and early Monday morning with knitting news.  No.  Really.  Seriously, I do.

And, to send you merrily into your weekend.  Here’s the Band, once again, and this time they are doing “The Last Waltz”.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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6 Responses to friday. friday. fridayfridayfridayfriday…..

  1. marianne says:

    Mmmmm, that Robbie. I think I’ll just leave off right there ;^)
    I’m glad you’re feeling much better, keep doing what you’re doing, and have a restful weekend. XOXOX

  2. Emiko says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. Take it easy and I look forward to reading about the knitting news on Monday 🙂

  3. Cookie says:

    Now I’ve got that stuck in my head. /sigh

    Happy Friday!

  4. sophanne says:

    would that the Band weren’t the favorite of a not so favorite ex. then perhaps I would hold better thoughts of them.

    Continue to Feel better. Knit what you want when you want.

  5. Joy says:

    Keep on getting better – just in time for the warmer weather?

  6. heideho says:

    Hello my dear. Hope you’re feeling better and getting lots of rest this weekend. Hugs to you.

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