Neurotic? Me?????

Someone who I adore has called me neurotic. I’m taking the stance that she means I’m disturbed, not just phobic. Now, I must say that was a shock to my delicate system. Hurtful, even. How could she say that? Sure, I’ve been working hard with Mikethespider. Sure, he has the brains of a pith helmet. Sure, he still hasn’t gotten the idea to run away unless I turn on the light, but I do believe that is instinct, not training.  It’s a hobby.  Is it any stranger than collecting beer cans?  Or doorknobs (I loved Aunt Clara in Bewitched, didn’t you?).  Or baseball cards????  That was the absolute worst bubble gum in the world, wasn’t it?  Didn’t last at all.  Of course, I’m from the era when you got bubble gum in a pack of baseball cards.  I don’t suppose you can anymore.

Please send your good thoughts Heide’s way.  Her ancient cat, Tasha, has disappeared.   I adored Tasha (from afar since they live in Washington).  She was a survivor.  I just hope for their sake that they can get closure.  There is something so unsettling about not knowing.

I”m still knitting on the sleeve/front.  Not in all that much of a rush because I’m pretty sure I’ll reknit most of the damned thing anyway since I have a memory like a sieve.  I’m gonna work on something else.

I had a dentist appointment for Friday morning (after I take Grover for his first flu shot, and yes, I am getting him one because he spends one day every single week at the cageless kennel and I don’t want him to get sick and die, if I can help it).  Well, the office called and apologized because I can’t see my dentist on Friday.  Wasn’t that cute?  They are “sorry” that I cannot see my dentist.  Me, who has to Xanax up to walk through the door?  Now, I’m going in two weeks.  By then, I hope to have more Xanax because I know this is gonna be one long and continuous problem that will require many visits and much money.  yay.  I’m just really really happy that I can do it.  Really and truly.  I feel so bad for people who can’t afford a dentist, so I am joking when I talk about my terror.  OK.  The terror is not imagined, but it is buffered by the knowledge that I am able to afford to go.  Thank heavens this is Random Wednesday because I have the random part down pat.

IMG_0078Isn’t he just adorable?  What a precious little boy.  He growled at me when I put in ear drops last night.  I just looked at him and asked him what he thought he was doing.  He did not answer.  Smart dog!  I put more in this morning and he was much much better.  Thank goodness I can train one animal in the house.

To get your blood aflowing for this hump day.  Here is The Band and my all-time favorite song by them, “The Weight”

Have a good Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to Neurotic? Me?????

  1. margene says:

    Easy Rider was full of great music! I would not call you neurotic. Maybe eccentric is a better description. Many times very old cats will find a quite, safe place to go. It’s hard on the master, but it must be what they want.
    Enjoy your two weeks of waiting…live it up! 😀

  2. sophanne says:

    That adorable Grover. We are dental twins. Except that I require nitrous oxide for cleanings (in addition to the xanax) The insurance doesn’t cover it but it’s worth the extra expense.

  3. Emiko says:

    I guess I’m one of them freaks that don’t mind going to the office (and perhaps just sliiightly) enjoy getting my teeth cleaned – yup, I said it!

    Hope your friend Heide’s cat comes back home – sending good vibes her way and that Tasha stays warm and dry until she finds her way back home, as it’s been wet around here.

    My Frank hates ear drops too – the other day he gave Bear and I the nastiest look ever and we both were just howling and wishing we caught it on camera. It’s nice that a few minutes later he’s back to his ol’ self and rubbin up on us and doesn’t hold a grudge 🙂

    happy Wednesday!

  4. joyknits says:

    Love the Grover photo – whatta handsome guy! Good luck with the dental appointment.

  5. You crack me up! As I’m married to “Captain Random” (a name given him by a friend of ours) I *love* the random 🙂

  6. Cookie says:

    Such a pretty boy.

  7. yoel says:

    “Neurotic” is the best category of human, from the psychoanalysis point of view. The other two options are borderline and psychotic. I consider “neurotic” to be a compliment, and would encourage you to do the same! 🙂

  8. marianne says:

    I’d also go with eccentric, (seriously, ‘neurotic’?) and I see nothing out of the ordinary with sharing living space (and naming) Mike. Grover growling at you. had me howling. Blue did that a couple of times at me and yeah, I got in his face and reminded him who he was and who I was. Dogs CAN look sheepish. I hope Tasha has been found or come home by now. I know how that feels. hugs for Heide.
    You already know how much I love your random. and your rambles. xox

  9. Peanut says:

    Hey, what’s wrong with neurotic? I call myself that all the time! I in no way meant it as an insult so do not take it as such. In my opinion, neurotic means a combination of silly, eccentric and outside-the-norm.


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