Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Yup. Me and the Carpenters. I refuse to make that ear worm my soundtrack for the day. I really don’t care for it, but once I hear it I sing it all damn day long. We are experiencing more rain. 2-4″ in the next 3 days. Yeehaw! Grover and I were walking up at our neighborhood park on Friday and walked through a bog. It was ucky. I thought we had had enough dry weather to dry it out, but I was mistaken. And, damp.  It just promises to get wetter.

Here is the wad o’ FLS that is easily mistaken for the rug mat in Friday’s post.   Tell me I’m wrong.  I dare you!!!

IMG_0107I do love how the cotton slub is knitting up.  It’s pretty and soft.  Two big pluses in a sweater.  I’m close to being done with the yoke.  Three more rows.

So, I had a good weekend.  Did you?  This next weekend, I’m taking the weekend offish.  I don’t ever really take it off completely, but I don’t plan on going to a doctor or dentist or church.  I will be seeing my BB and BSIL.  They’ve invited me for dinner next Saturday.  Grover shan’t be going because he’s big and slobbery and they’ve re-carpeted their entire house.  Obviously, he’s not welcome.  If we were outside, he would be.  I don’t want you to think they aren’t fond of my big ole slobbery boy.  I just would feel really awful if anything happened to their new rug while Grover was there.  So, I’ll just let him stay home and snuggle in and when I get home I will completely overcompensate for my not taking him.  Typical behavior for me.  I’m so predictable;-D

Now, to get you boogeying into your Monday with some rock and roll………….Traffic and “Light Up or Leave Me Alone”

Have a good one!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

  1. margene says:

    You’ve had more than your fair share of rain. Will it turn to snow soon? We’re still in a deep freeze….brrrr.
    I’ve had a Traiffic song in my head all weekend. Thanks for the new ear worm, I needed to change tunes. 😉

  2. Emiko says:

    Yup, it’s rainy over here too. Perfect to be indoors knitting, but I’m in another one of my funks and just can’t get to knitting. I’m thinking I probably won’t be able to finish the projects I intended for the holidays, so I may need to think of something else. Perhaps some sewing projects can kick start my non-crafty butt? 🙂

    You’re coming along well on the FLS.

    Have a dry monday (if possible) 🙂

  3. marianne says:

    Had a wonderful rainy day here yesterday, I was more than ready for it.
    Of course they love the big slobbery Boy, perhaps take him a little to go treat back home for him? or is that a ‘no no’.
    does NOT look like that rug! no way!
    Hoping you get a break from the rain soon, and have many dry, if not sunny, days. :^) xox

  4. joyknits says:

    Was thinking of you and Grover while Toby & I were out in the rain last night – ugh!

    Knitting textures is definitely different texture from the rug – glad it’s coming along.

  5. Cookie says:

    More rain?! You’re going to need water wings soon.

    I don’t blame you. You don’t want to have anything to do that new carpeting get hurt.


  6. heideho says:

    Ugh! We’re inundated with rain here too. I think the February Lady sweater is lovely and has done nothing to deserve such negative comparisons. They have to break that new carpet in sometime. Instead of prolonging the angst of keeping it “new” send Grover and Esau Marie both over. A couple of hours later and maybe they’ll be able to relax and feel at home. Hugs to you!

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