Random Wednesday and ramdon quesitons?

The most random thing I know.  Miss Esau Marie.  She is my random girl.  Affectionate, but bizarre.     And, here is a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers that is currently gracing my dining room table.

My car had a continuous “Service Engine Soon” light, so night before last I took it into the car place and had a rental car.  My car was fixed on Tuesday and I drove a Nissan “Versa” all day.  It is a four cylinder tiny little bitty baby car.  Cute as a button in the city.  Terrifying  on the highway.  I learned very early Tuesday that rain and semi-tractor trailers and a tiny itty bitty baby car are not compatible.   I really love my own car.   It only gets 7 mpg less than this Nissan I drove and it has 6 cylinders and pick up and is safe on the highway.  If semis were limited to their own lane on Missouri highways, smaller cars would be more prevalent.  The fear factor weighs large.  I prayed (at 60-65mph) that I wouldn’t get hit by a big pick up or semi.    Did I say I love my own car?

I leave you with my soundtrack……Tracy Chapman and a completely hopeless, but fabulous song “Fast Car”  One of my all-time favorites.

Have a good one!!!

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12 Responses to Random Wednesday and ramdon quesitons?

  1. margene says:

    I had a Triumph sports car years ago and I have dozens of stories about not being seen on the freeways and main roads. It was a crazy four years and I was happy to see the car go.

  2. sophanne says:

    I loves me some 6 cylinder pick up.

  3. Rachel says:

    I loved my Kia Sephia. It was small but didn’t get blown around on the highway like our similar sized Saturn. I was happy when the Saturn needed replacing, especially after getting blown across the highway on days much like today.

  4. Cookie says:

    Thank goodness you got your car back!

    Ya know, I’m still not sure I believe our Margene got her six foot tall frame into a Spitfire. *L*


  5. joyknits says:

    Glad you got your car back – it’s NOT been nice to be out driving in anything the last few days! I frequently find the drivers of some of the large pickups and SUVs scarier than the big trucks.

    • knitwonpurltoo says:

      Agreed. But, to be honest, I don’t really think they could squish the little car. I worry about Smart Cars on the highway. I’ve seen them and they are truly tiny. If the big rigs had their own lanes, I think smaller cars would be safer on the highways. At least, it would reduce the odds.

  6. Emiko says:

    It doesn’t matter what kind of car I’m driving – if i’m on the freeway and there’s a huge-arse semi driving next to me (especially when it’s rainy), it freaks me the hell out and I try to get past ’em quick quick quick.

  7. marianne says:

    so… what was the deal with your car and the light being on?
    Glad you have it back and I hear you, I want the vehicle I’m in to feel sturdy, sound and with some good peppy pickup.
    EM… your random girl, totally had me smiling. Gorgeous bouquet and I love Tracy.

  8. Sonya says:

    That is one of my all time favs too.

  9. Beth in StC says:

    I love my Saturn 4-door sedan(sniff). Peppy engine, just small enough turning radius and easy to park. Eight years old and still running like a top, knock on wood. Before that, we had Escorts. The first one couldn’t handle air conditioning and driving at the same time. The Saturn was a huge improvement; I was commuting 2 hours a day at the time, all the way out to Gray’s Summit. Lots of semis on highway 44.

    That Tracy Chapman song is my favorite; sad but true for a lot of women, unfortunately.

  10. heideho says:

    We pretty much are limited to a mini-van or other larger vehicle that holds lots and lots of kids and kid stuff. I have to take the freeway I-5 to get to my job and I swear that most days I end up having to dodge semis in order to merge onto the freeway. My current van has a mere 4 cylinder engine and some days are more exciting than others. Pretty flowers for a pretty lady!

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